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Mystical Astrology: September 2021 Predictions

Find Your Number

If your date of birth is 28-10-1987,

Your "Birth Number" is (2+8) = 1 and

Your "Life Path Number" is (2+8+1+0+1+9+8+7) = 9

If you get 11, 22, 33 do not reduce it to a single-digit

Please read both Birth & Life Path Numbers


This month there is an indication of getting into a new relationship. You may get an offer or proposal for a new romantic relationship or friendship in some cases it can also manifest as a proposal for a business partnership. It is also possible that now you have started valuing the relationships and would like to work on some of the strained or rusted relationships from the past. Your emotional sensitivity will be high this month and you can feel every emotion very intensely in comparison to previous months. There is also an indication of increased sexual energy and this could result in the birth of a child, which means the possibility of conceiving is high now.. And irrespective of your marital status, there are chances that you are open to exploring new relationships as there is a stronger possibility of an affair during this period. Deep in the core of you, there is the desire for love that may push you to cross the boundaries in search of the right mate.


This month there is an energetic surge of aggression, somehow it revolves around money. You are evaluating your capacity to earn money or you are aggressively pursuing to get the money that you think you deserve. There will be satisfaction in all legal or tax-related work if you are involved in the business. Aggressive pursuit of your financial goals now could bring huge returns. This energetic influence works better when you know exactly what you want in the area of finance and for what cause. Try to be inclusive when you set a goal. For example, if you are thinking of starting your own business or opening your firm, instead of thinking about how much you can make, give importance to how much you can give to society. The stronger the values, the higher will be the return. You need to sit and do some calculations on incoming and outgoing funds and the inventory. This will also help you to manage what you currently have in an efficient manner. And you will be able to direct all your energy into one area in focus which is finance. Make a wish list and pursue it, you will have to work hard but success is guaranteed. Overall this is a very positive period for you and you can expect support from male friends or women with masculine traits.


There is something about you that people can't ignore this month. You are blessed with personal magnetism and charm. You can make use of this in selling your ideas or products if you are in business. There is enormous power to use at your discretion, use it wisely. You may get involved in some intimate relationship during this period, a long-lasting one. You should be careful about playboy nature and avoid draining energy in the pursuit of sexual gratification with multiple mates. If you are in a leadership position, there is a sure chance you are going to influence a lot of people. There is much healing energy gathering in you that you can use to help people. You can get most of the things done with cooperation from your friends and colleagues. During this energetic influence, the Universe is expecting you to help people around you. Huge financial success is indicated through the cooperation of others. This period is filled with a lot of fun-filled encounters, intimate relationships, and business success.


This is one of the strongest months in which you will enjoy business power and success. During this period, you will either expand your business operations or make some invaluable connection with some large company that increases your own financial power appreciably. You will recover from any health issues which were bothering you for the past few months and you can overcome all obstacles now through honest effort and integrity. This is not the period to worry about your past failures or misdeeds. You must take full advantage of the opportunities presented by the universe, and find ways to expand your business interests. If you are an employee with a fixed income, you may get some cash rewards or pay hikes for your good work in the organization. But if you are in the mode of job hunting, you will be successful in your pursuit and may get a much better salary than expected. If you have a business, this is the time to expand and to open up to more prosperity.


This month brings difficulties through association with an incompetent physician. It would be wise not to put your trust in doctors during this period. If you are doubtful about the opinion of one doctor, feel free to contact another. There is also the possibility of being ripped off in some way, so it is advisable to watch over your personal possessions and beware of those who may be dishonest or disreputable. This is an excellent time to get initiated into spiritual practices, yoga, and meditation. Watch out for men who are younger than you and approach you with a romantic interest. There is a call for a lifestyle change, you have to completely change the way you live. A very positive period for actors and those who are involved in art and theater.


This is the month to settle all issues in the area of relationships, whether personal or professional. You may come to the realization that keeping certain issues open will not let you move on in your life, so you will decide to sit and close all open conversations from the past. Though you might be impatient at this time, you may be forced to slow down and act responsibly. Please note the Law of Karma applies here, it is better to use words carefully this month and not to create further animosity with anyone. If you are planning to end the relationship from your end, be soft and considerate of others' emotions. Every relationship has an expiry date, very few last till our last breath. By using diplomacy and careful choice of words, you should be able to close some of the chapters that serve no purpose in your journey ahead. You will get exactly what you give to others now, so be especially careful in what you are putting out. If you take these precautions, then there is an assurance that any matter, whether personal or professional, will result in a fair and equal settlement for all concerned.


This is a very promising month, very inspirational and intuitive influence promises success in any of the mental fields. If you are doing any kind of work where organizational ability, creative ideas, or intuition play an important role, this month will bless you with considerable success. People often end up volunteering for a cause during this influence, selfless community service. The energetic influence blesses you with information that is most needed to get things done at this time, from sources you least expect. So be a good listener, and don’t straight away reject any ideas or information that comes on your way. You must also watch out for the tendency to fight or fall in love with woman or man with feminine traits. It is possible that you will get irritated and start a verbal argument with them which will surely turn nasty. Stay calm and don’t try to prove that you are right all the time. Do not take any decision regarding women or men with feminine traits, whether it is work or personal life. There is a need for grounding, otherwise, you may end up living in a fantasy world the whole month. Spend time in nature, take a walk in the park barefoot and meditate.


This month there is a surge of creative energy, if channeled properly you can come up with great futuristic ideas in your line of work. Maybe there is an artist in you who needs some nourishment and hand-holding. This energetic influence will result in working two jobs at once, or maybe you are in a transition period moving from one job to another and having a hard time choosing the right one. So, you decided to work on both for a while to see what works best for you. This energy doesn’t support decision-making, it creates confusion as it brings two opportunities at once to test your will. This is not a good aspect for legal matters, as there could be some doubts or unsettled issues which need to be addressed before you proceed. Your aggressive desire for more may get you involved in more than one project or job than you can handle. This could be more draining than helpful for you at this time. If you feel restlessness, take some time off and surrender to the silence. It is recommended that you spend 15 to 20 minutes in silent meditation. Do not take any important decisions when you are in a state of confusion.


This month brings happy relations with men and aggressive women. You should combine aggressiveness with love for maximum benefits now. Aggressive pursuit of social popularity can bring success now. If you are involved in any legal matter, it may swing in your direction. This is a good influence for actors and anyone interacting with the public, particularly men. There is some protection in love, marriage, and family. There is an energetic influence of stability which will help in resolving every relationship issue with family or friends. If there are any unresolved issues, call them up and talk. Any new relationship you start this month will be a blessed one. This is the month to go out and make new friends. If you are single, there is a possibility of some positive development in the area of marriage. If you are planning for a baby, this month there is energetic support for conception.


There is an energy of arguments or conversation this month and this could manifest as intellectual healthy discussion, brainstorming with like-minded groups of people, or a friend. There is also impatience visible this month, you want to get something done very quickly and you can’t wait for long. This may make you talk to many people and make new connections, so the possibility of expansion of your network is high. This period also shows the possibility of sudden and unexpected meetings with friends or family. Please ensure your impatience and quick temper should not create any unhealthy atmosphere or damage your reputation due to heated discussions. Take it easy and use wit/sarcasm to make your point rather than hurting anyone’s ego with anger. You can be right or you can be happy, the choice is yours.


This month shows unexpected challenges with friends, family members, and co-workers. You may feel you were abandoned or betrayed by those whom you trusted and everyone you care for may not return similar energy. You are now being challenged to drop your fears and attachments to others and let them be the individuals they are. It is your expectation from others that are causing the pain because you made a mistake in judging them in the first place. This is not a month to hold any grudge about people for showing their true color but to appreciate yourself that finally, you started to SEE their true color. When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change. On the positive side, you are given an opportunity to experience the high side of unconditional love, which could result in a dramatic opening of your heart and mind. This is a good period for counselors, healers, and psychologists.


This month will challenge you to rise to higher levels of thinking, speaking, and acting. Its challenges will manifest mainly in the areas of work and health, areas where you are likely to be holding some negative patterns that need to be changed. If you are willing to take responsibility for your condition and practice positivity in any circumstances, you can attain new heights. This period can bring illness caused by overdoing it in work or passion or trouble from some male. This can also represent difficulties in a legal matter. Indulging in negativity at this time will only make matters worse. This period may be marked by much arguing, conflict, and disappointment. There is a challenge, one which can best be met by a careful self-examination of negative attitudes and emotional habits. It is highly recommended that you should not get into any kind of addiction or aggressive arguments with anyone this month. You may end up doing ugly things in an intoxicated state which you may later regret. So keep your senses under control.

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