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Mystical Astrology : 2022 Predictions

Please read this before you scroll down to check your numbers!

This is a free generic prediction for your birth number. The accuracy of the prediction varies from person to person. It is best if you use this prediction as a road map and plan your activities for the year accordingly. There can be some messages that you do not want to hear, but it is what it is. Please take it practically and some of the challenging predictions may not come true if you take the precautions recommended and be more aware when such challenges surface.

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If You’re Born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th of the Month

The year 2022 is going to be a memorable one for many reasons. The year blesses you with charm and magnetism that often attracts new relationships and also people may get mesmerized by your energy, and you can make use of the influence to get things done among groups and also in work that involves opposite sex. There is also an indication of an increase in passion and aggression to some extent. Do not use this power to bully others but use it to persuade. Be careful that you do not overdo the social scene to the detriment of either your health or your work. This is not the year to shy and hide but to go visible. If you have been pushing any work that involves direct work with the public and being in the limelight, then this will be a year that promises success if you gather courage and act. There is little playboy-ish energy as well that makes people venture into multiple relationships or become experimentative or seek newness in the existing relationship. Be authentic and express yourself. This is not the year to live in the shackles of moralistic boundaries but to grow out of all the barriers.

This year can bring doubts and uncertainty about relationships. If you are married, you may often wonder what made you commit to a man or woman of this mental state. You may feel that your spouse is immature and can feel distant even if that person is right next to you. If you are single, you may venture into exploring multiple relationships and may not commit to anyone. This is the year to keep all communication crisp and clear with your partner, don’t leave any space to cook up his/her version, and ensure that your words are understood as you intended. Long-distance relationships may not work during this year.

There are indications of loss of money in the area of health. If you are a workaholic, and not paying attention to your physical/mental wellbeing there are higher chances you are making a few doctors/counselors rich. Spend money on healthy food, nutrition supplements rather than wasting it on drugs.

There are job change possibilities this year. There will be some kind of restlessness either in choosing the right career or in opting for the right offer among multiple offers. There is an indication of increased travel and also relocation to a new city/country for the sake of job/business.


If You’re Born on the 2nd, 11th, 20th, 29th of the Month

This could be a year of work and health difficulties or success in spiritual work. This could be a year when you have to face squarely any negative attitudes or patterns that have been accumulating. Take this year as a spiritual challenge. Now is the time to take stock of your thoughts, words, and deeds and to see how they have created your world. Then it is possible to actualize this year’s potential for spiritual success. The potential for inner development this year is enormous. Any problems that you have this year have inner solutions. See yourself as the source of your success and good health and take positive steps to create the work and health conditions that you desire. The year can be extremely fulfilling and successful if you are operating from faith rather than ego. There can also be some difficulties in a legal matter. Indulging in negativity this year will only make matters worse. This year may be marked by much arguing, conflict, and disappointment. You must watch out for a tendency to be one-sided and subjective in their communications with others. This year calls for careful self-examination of negative attitudes and emotional habits.

In the area of love and friendship, there are strong chances of meeting new people and can expect wonderful and deeper conversations. Since there is some influence of argumentative energy in the area of love, it would be wise to hold your tongue in check as a quarrelsome attitude could do a lot of damage now. If you are entangled in any legal battle related to marriage or business partnership, it is recommended you push for an out-of-court settlement and be ready for some compromise.

Be careful during this period that you do not spend beyond your means on items you really cannot afford. These expenses could even affect your health, if not checked, as you are more prone than usual to worry about money. There are indications of money being spent heavily on treating diseases created by the mind or on legal/illegal drugs.

This is a good year for a business partnership if you have been thinking of venturing into a new business. If you are an employee, this year may call for some compromises and you may not get the right reward or full credit for all the work you have done. You should use this year to create a long-term goal where you want to see yourself in 3-5 years and upgrade your skills to reach it step by step.


If You’re Born on the 3rd, 12th, 21st, and 30th of the Month

During this year you will learn some valuable lessons about money and its role in your life. Through possibly some challenging circumstances and situations you will be confronted with your inner attitudes about money and your own level of inner prosperity. Are you feeling prosperous or are you feeling impoverished? The year will put this inner state in front of you so that you can see how your inner states are the source of your external reality. If you find yourself up against financial problems of one sort or another this year, ask yourself if you are in a state of fear or a state of relaxation about money and things in your life. This influence promises great material success once you adopt an inner attitude of prosperity and gratitude. You could have a direct and powerful experience of being provided for and taken care of by the universe under this auspicious spiritual influence. This year could bring an unexpected expenditure or loss of money that leaves you feeling poor and afraid. Your own impulsiveness or extravagant spending may be at the root of this. This is not a good influence for speculation, gambling, or any get-rich-quick schemes. This year is encouraging you to drop your fears about money and adopt an abundance consciousness that will attract more money than you thought possible.

There is success in the area of love and intimacy. If you were on the lookout for a partner for the past few years, there are higher chances that by the end of this year you will be in a meaningful relationship unless your energy gets wasted in fixing your existing emotional/financial mess.

Whatever health issues you have now, you are likely to find great relief and healing in 2022. You may realize most of your health issues are coming from the environment and you may decide to move to a different home/city or country. Or you may take a few solo trips this year to heal your soul in silence. It is recommended that you use this year to reset your lifestyle and let go of old ideas and people who are not serving you any good for your mental and emotional wellbeing.

This year brings success in most areas of life, especially related to education, speaking, writing, or teaching. Success comes through applying your understanding of human nature and common sense. This influence could indicate success in a legal matter or lawsuit or any matter that you are aggressively pursuing or that deals with groups of men such as fraternities or associations. You will be recognized now!


If You’re Born on the 4th, 13th, 22nd, and 31st of the Month

This can be very good if you are in good financial/emotional shape when the year begins because the energetic influence this year will tend to sustain whatever conditions were in effect when the year began, but it can be difficult if you enter the year lacking financially/emotionally in some way. You could find yourself in a financial/emotional rut this year, struggling to get ahead. Any imbalances in your financial/emotional picture will be evened out during this year. This may mean you pay off existing debts or you are repaid the money you loaned earlier. You may run into your own debts at this time. What happens is a reflection of your value system so take heed. Honesty is the best policy now. Settlements of legal and business debts and difficulties will happen now and you will get just what you deserve. You may have to make good on all promises you make now so watch what you say and do. Don't let a fear of failure cause you to procrastinate on financial deals that you started earlier as they are your best bet. It is wise to be totally responsible under this influence as dishonest dealings are likely to receive immediate payback. On the other hand, you could get well ahead by always doing more than you were paid for in all your business and financial dealings. In any event, many of your experiences this year will prove to demonstrate the need for personal integrity and responsibility in all of your financial concerns.

Through meditation and inner reflection, you could achieve some meaningful changes in your life in the area of love and friendship. Your deepest dreams, the ones that are a major driving force in your life, are being uplifted to new levels. Expect some realizations that are profound and life-altering. This can also be the year when you find that ideal partner that you have been dreaming about, but there is no guarantee that you will move out of moral boundaries or belief systems to embrace true love.

Take extra precautions while traveling, there are chances that you might get hurt or hospitalized. This would not be a good time to take a vacation or travel so try to schedule a long vacation next year or just take extra care if it is crucial for you to travel.

If you are feeling prosperous during this period, you could attract huge amounts of money. Of course, this will not occur if your prosperous thinking is only masking an inner fear of poverty and limited resources. This is the year for large financial investment in your business or occupation for the purposes of expansion.


If You’re Born on the 5th, 14th, and 23rd of the Month

You will have a considerable amount of financial power this year. The power to make a lot of money is yours and you should find that you have more money than usual. Perhaps you have some definite goals this year related to things you want to purchase and the year promises that you will have the money you need when you need it. Be careful in your money dealings not to bully others or to force others to go your way all the time. Though you may have the power to do this, you will create negative vibrations in others that will someday come back to you. This year will also create a possibility for you to rise to some newfound prominence in your chosen line of work or profession. This year brings the financial resources to achieve your desired goals. There is successful completion of a legal or tax-related matter or an inheritance or any project that you have been working on for the past few years. Aggressive pursuit of your financial goals now can pay off tremendously. You have the power to do it!

This year there is a strong indicator of taking a journey to distant places, perhaps in a quest for love or to heal the wounds caused by a breakup. You must guard yourself against decisions based upon some fantasy you are having. Also, a lack of clarity or miscommunications could cause problems in important relationships now, even a separation/divorce. Take extra care that you are clearly understood in all your communications throughout the year. If you have been dreaming all year of either social or romantic freedom, this is the time when it is very likely to materialize.

There aren’t any major health issues visible this year, just ensure that you are following discipline in the diet and give some rest to the body and mind from time to time as the year looks highly active for you and you should not burn out in the process of achieving your goals.

This period brings success in your work, real estate, land or farming, labor groups, or service organizations. This can also mean satisfaction in gaining wisdom or in some form of intuitive development. This is a strong influence for getting a home or house. You have strong intuitive powers now and can use them profitably. This is a great influence for professional psychics or those using their intuitive gifts. Relations with co-workers are good now and contribute to your success.


If You’re Born on 6th, 15th, and 24th of the Month

There is more energy around money partnerships and deals that will be playing a major role in your life this year. This could be a standard business partnership or something out of the ordinary. This profitable business partnership or deal, perhaps with a large organization, or involving a large sum of money. This placement suggests much success in financial partnerships at this time, so take advantage of it. Your financial success requires the assistance of others this year, so you can expect to have many phone calls, meetings, and business deals to achieve working and successful financial arrangements. By letting others guide you and share in the risk, you can increase your finances. This year brings plenty of phone calls, letters, Emails, and other communications about money or business and it is usually considered favorable for making more money, and expansion of your business interests will bring success. At the same time, this year calls for some kind of truce, or compromise, or embracing more of a win-win attitude than to operate with a strong ego. Look for long-term benefits when you are getting into any legal settlements, is it worthy of time and effort to keep fighting the battle or is it better to let go and focus all your energy on creating something new?

This year’s energetic influence brings the ability to recover from breakup and overcome problems in the area of relationship through perseverance and determination. You may feel that you are paying a high price for a successful relationship now as it demands more of your time and patience. And yet this is what you must do now and it will bring you the success you want in the area of love and friendship.

Don’t try any quick weight reduction methods this year, take a long and proven route to bring balance in the area of health. There are chances that you will be lured into some form of health experimentation that involves artificial food supplements. Also, take a second opinion from doctors if one diagnoses something life-threatening as per him/her. There are chances that you may get ripped off by a doctor/hospital so it is wise to get health insurance done at the earliest.

There are some key endings in the area of business/career. This can be the end of a project/job, where you stayed for a long time and now it is time to move on. This end may bring some sadness but only if you are attached to the comfort zone or certain point of view projected by your ego. The end also indicates the possibility of a new beginning. You may get promoted in your job and some good rewards can be expected.


If You’re Born on the 7th, 16th, and 25th of the Month

There are strong indications of travel or moving your home or your business, but on a deeper level, it means a change that will somehow affect what you do every day, a change of 'lifestyle' or value system. It can indicate changes in your work, line of work, or mode of work as well. You may be faced with the need to make basic changes in your lifestyle that could affect every area of your life. In some cases, this simply reflects changes in one's work environment or the way one conducts business. But usually, it indicates much more fundamental changes, either in one's residence, lifestyle, or health. Underneath all the changes is likely to be an inner restlessness. The time has come for you to move in new directions. These new directions could be in the area of work or the location of your home. You could have a strong desire to travel that sets you off on a great adventure this year. Hopefully, these changes will be for the better. You may find work with males stimulating at this time and these may be a catalyst for productive changes. This influence can bring a change regarding taxes, insurance, or legal matters. You may have a lot of restlessness now that stimulates you to travel and perhaps even move or change jobs. However, personal relationships may suffer.

There are chances that a new love relationship can bring many blessings this year, including a financial one. And it is also possible the arrival of this new person in your life can bring some good fortune. If you are married, any business that you do in your spouse’s name may make a good profit. Also, your spouse may be earning more money than you this year.

There is a need for grounding in the area of health. As the year indicates travel and place change possibility, keep an eye on your eating habit and ensure you sleep 6-8 hours daily. The more relaxed you are, the more productive you will be. If you are not taking care of your health, then you may end up spending a lot on medical bills this year.

There is an indication of success and prosperity in all business affairs or satisfaction in a large investment. Business expansion is favored by this influence as you should see good returns from all your past efforts at this time. You will make more through steady progress and sticking with your original (foundation) plans now.


If You’re Born on the 8th, 17th, and 26th of the Month

You will have a considerable amount of financial power this year. The power to make a lot of money is yours and you should find that you have more money than usual. Perhaps you have some definite goals this year related to things you want to purchase and the year promises that you will have the money you need when you need it. Be careful in your money dealings not to bully others or to force others to go your way all the time. Though you may have the power to do this, you will create negative vibrations in others that will someday come back to you. This year will also create a possibility for you to rise to some newfound prominence in your chosen line of work or profession. There is also an indication of recognition and reward for efforts. A large sum of money could come into your life now, possibly making you affluent. Expansion of all business and financial dealings is favored by this auspicious influence. This influence brings such a focus on money that it might even be too much. Money is power but it must be used wisely and for good purposes to bring inner satisfaction. Maybe you will be doing some important buying/investment this year. The extent of your financial success during this year will depend upon how well you are set up to take in large amounts of money. If you can find ways to increase the quantity of the goods and services you are providing, you can create more ways for this influence to pay off for you.

There is some form of stability in the area of love and relationship. Either you are planning to settle or expand your family this year. A very good year to invest in real estate to build a new house or to renovate. There are also indications of marriage if you are single.

The lifestyle change is a necessity now particularly if your work involves traveling. Pay attention to your gut health and don’t eat too much junk. There are indications of some conflicts during the journey, so drive carefully. It is recommended that you meditate regularly and reach out to psychologists or healers if you are not getting good sleep or have any fear/anxiety issues.

If your work involves high-end technology, is more futuristic, and is related to renewable energy or real estate then you can expect great success this year. For employees, a sudden pay hike or promotion can’t be ruled out. Money and success come suddenly and in unusual/unexpected ways.


If You’re Born on the 9th, 18th, and 27th of the Month

This year you will have considerable emotional power at your disposal which will bring you success in any activities that deal with groups of people such as acting, performing, or sales work. This is also an indicator of 'spiritual force' developing in you, a force that can be used to better your life. This is a year in which you should not shy away from getting noticed and you should get out to meet people in some way and get into the limelight. This is a great year for promoting what you believe in and spreading your message. Just be careful that you don't hurt others as you use this power for your own success. The year brings to you a certain charm and social power that can be applied in all your business and personal areas for success. Through the cooperation of friends and associates, you can achieve much now, especially in any public-related endeavors. Huge financial successes are now possible through the cooperation of others. Also present with this influence is a certain amount of healing ability that you can apply to yourself or others.

There is some form of stability in the area of love and relationship. Also, there is a clear indication of some experimentation in the area of love. You may get into multiple relationships or at least explore the possibilities. A very good year to invest in real estate to build a new house or to renovate. There are also indications of sudden and unexpected/unusual marriage or intimate encounters this year.

Heath can be a great concern this year, mostly originating from inner restlessness and negative attitude towards life and relationship. Jealousies or misunderstandings between you and your loved one(s) are likely during this year. And this may push you towards loneliness and depression. Please do not ignore any intuitive messages related to your body and health. It is wise to get your full body check done at least once this year to be on the safer side.

There are indications of some endings or much-needed completion in the area of career/business. What’s not working for you will disintegrate and vanish, but you should be ready to move on. It is recommended that you keep your CV updated and upgrade your skills. In case of a sudden end of a job, you should have some savings to take care of your daily needs for a few months till you find a better job.


If You’re Born on the 11th and 29th of the Month

This is a year that you achieve a level of mastery in one of the information fields. Whether you are a school teacher, a secretary, or a public relations person, any Mercury-ruled profession or endeavor will benefit greatly from this powerful influence in your life. You could also find yourself in some capacity of service that is related to information in some way. Giving knowledge or information to others can take many forms. One of them is likely to be what you are involved to a great extent this year. At the same time, your natural intuitive abilities are higher than normal and you may find that you can access hidden information for your benefit this year. There is a strong psychic and creative influence that bestows much success in almost any field where mind power, creativity, and intuition can be applied. Many ideas and bits of information will just seem to appear in your mind and many of these could be very helpful in your work or personal life. You may seem more impatient than usual and should be careful while driving. But in general, this will be a productive and delightful period of mental success.

Indecision over love or friendship could make you ill during this period. Any love triangles that you may be involved in will be more difficult than ever. The situation at hand may be one which you created in the past and are now having to contend with. Your indecisiveness is probably at the root of it and now you may have no choice but to wait it out. This year indicates chronic worry about love and about your not getting enough affection. Often it's our own indecision and refusal to stay with one relationship that threatens our security in love, which is something we all need.

There are health issues related to addiction, drug overdose, emotional emptiness and it mostly affects mental health and it may also result in an increase in weight and skin issues. So it is recommended that you switch to a strict yogic lifestyle and learn to let go of thoughts/memories that are not letting you live peacefully.

This year will present a financial challenge from an investment, payment, or loss. This could have been as the result of a legal matter, an argument, gambling, or speculation. Your own aggressive nature and impatience could have played a major role in this. At the root of any money problem, there will be a fear of poverty and attachment to money plans. Take responsibility for your core attitudes and you could turn this adversity into unexpected prosperity.


If You’re Born on the 22nd of the Month

This is the year of union or partnership in both personal and professional space. There is an energy of cooperation and mutual respect and it will take on more importance this year and you will be learning the value of cooperation. We can achieve much more in groups than by ourselves and often others hold the keys to our own success. See how you can achieve more with others than by yourself this year. This year also bestows the gift of a keenly logical mind. You probably won't want to put up with many untruths from your friends and associates this year and you could excel at occupations that require detailed and precise thinking and evaluation of facts and situations. There is an energy of settlement so you will make peace with something that you have been fighting for a long time. It can be a temporary break or permanent closure of a long-standing conflict. This can be an inward conflict with the dualistic mind as well. You will come to a realization that you work best in a partnership and have the ability to keep the peace among those at odds with each other. Though it may be a challenge, your honest efforts and hard work could bring much progress towards your work goals now.

This is a very good influence, one that brings much success and the realization of a dreamlike relationship. If you are single, you may meet your life partner during travel and if you are in a relationship then vacation will surely bring newness to your relationship. Ensure you express your love in a language that your partner understands. This year either you have to play the role of teacher for your spouse/love or they will be playing. Some important love lessons need to be learned/taught.

There is a great possibility of a loss of money due to poor health if you have been ignoring your intuitive calls to keep your health on track. Any forms of addictions and resistance to change unhealthy patterns whether eating or thinking will result in serious health issues. So do not wait for the disaster to strike and switch to a healthy lifestyle. And also be a little extra careful while driving, pay attention.

There is satisfaction and stability in your job and business affairs. There are also stronger chances of you and your spouse deciding to do something together. Any partnership this year brings an unexpected or unusual bonding, possibly with spiritual overtones. Your work sphere should be a source of happiness now and you may make a satisfactory real estate deal under this influence. Relationships with co-workers are likely to be very friendly and satisfying for you at this time.

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