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Mystical Astrology: August 2021 Predictions

Updated: Sep 1, 2021

Find Your Number

If your date of birth is 28-10-1987,

Your "Birth Number" is (2+8) = 1 and

Your "Life Path Number" is (2+8+1+0+1+9+8+7) = 9

If you get 11, 22, 33 do not reduce it to a single-digit

Please read both Birth & Life Path Numbers


This month there is a heightened energy divine feminine. Depending on the life situations it can manifest differently. In some cases it can be that of a devoted mother, often manifest as conception, the birth of a child, or something motherly like taking care of a family member like a child, probably an old person. In other cases, this can be purely sexual energy of heightened sensitivity and enjoyment of intimate relationships. This period can also bring new and stimulating romantic encounters and the possibility of marriage or long-term commitment. Overall it is a very good period, particularly relationships with women or men with feminine traits will get better this month. There will be some charm/magnetism in your aura that can be positively utilized to create a new relationship. Please note over-sensitivity and overindulgence in anything whether drugs, alcohol, or sex may cause damage to your reputation.


This month blesses you with a high vibration of love, compassion, and wisdom. You have all the power and knowledge of love and you know how to use it. So this month may create an opportunity to have more control over your feelings and romantic impulses. There will be success in all personal relationships. Financial and other blessings come as the result of mastery over your feelings and the ability to communicate with charm and grace with those in your business or home. Your ability to handle others may astound you during this month. If you are single, there is a chance that you will meet someone who can become a promising partner for life. For married ones, there is a chance of conception or childbirth. This is a highly auspicious influence, hence anything new you begin during this period will have a blessed outcome. The lowest manifestation of this influence is going to be emotional instability and pessimism. It is recommended that you use the power of love and learn to forgive if you get irritated by loved ones now, this will elevate your relationship to a whole new level.


This is a very successful month for you, particularly if you are in a business that involves products or services for men. Any aggressive pursuit of financial goals could bring huge returns and somehow you intuitively know what sells. At the same time, it may be very hard for you to slow down and control your expenditure. You should watch out for impulsive shopping for expensive items this month. Whatever you want to buy if you can delay it by a month then you may realize it was the best decision you made. It is recommended that you channel all your impatience towards your work and getting things done quickly and efficiently. This is a positive period to do involve in humanitarian causes and work to raise funds.


Your intuition is very strong now, learn to trust it. This is the time you will experience the Karmic effect of your past deeds. Any negative words or actions from the unsettled past will open up and cause major disruption in your life. And at the same time, any good deeds from the past will fetch positive results. You should take responsibility in speech and communication and make compromises to maintain a peaceful surrounding. This is the time to bring balance and stability to your life. And on the other side, you can make good use of heightened intuition in your business and financial life. Overcome your complacency and contentment now and make an extra effort during this auspicious influence. Every effort will pay off in a big way. If you already have everything you want, you can just sit back and enjoy it. It is a good idea to stay with the things and projects you have already initiated. That is where your financial gains lie. If you have been thinking of starting something new, for example, a new business or a new job, it is recommended you park it till this month is over. Overall the results this month has a lot to do with your past words and actions.


This month blesses you with a considerable amount of financial power. The power to make money is yours, and this is the power that you probably want to use for some special purpose. You could earn the money or you could borrow the money, but to have this financial power, you will have to get very clear on how much money you want and what the purpose of having that money will be. Most often people end up investing in property or business, keeping the future returns in mind. If you are an employee, you may get appreciated for your hard work and expect some rewards for your efforts. Expansion of all business and financial dealings are recommended during this period. Money is a tool, it must be used wisely and for good purpose to bring inner satisfaction. Do not spend on luxury items or things that lose their value over time. If you are someone who is operating with the age-old belief system of ‘money is evil’, you may not benefit from this auspicious influence.


This month brings you the power to overcome any health or business-related problems. Success will not come easy, you will have to work for it. Only through hard work, discipline, and patience, you can expect success now. You may also feel some restrictions in personal life and in close relations as if you are being under obligation to behave in a certain way. You have a choice, to maintain peace and harmony it is better to compromise with the loved ones. You will have considerable healing power now, you can use it to heal your emotional wounds as well as help others through counseling. At times, this energetic influence of success can also induce a bit of stubbornness, so watch out for any tendency to bully others. Overall a very positive period for you and you can reach a high point of success through selfless attitude and hard work.


There is a possibility of a money partnership of some kind, this could be a standard business partnership or something out of ordinary, but it will certainly have something related to money as the result. If you are an employee, this energetic influence might cause you to make some agreement with your manager or company, could be an extension of contract or project or extra allotment of funds for the project, etc., If you are in business, this partnership can be with a male or a lawyer or one that is aggressively pursued. You are meeting a dominant male or group of men regarding money and possibly about some legal matter. Watch out for too much aggression and bossiness in business deals as well as within your organization with your co-workers. If you are a venture capitalist, this month can prove to be very rewarding. This energetic influence expects some kind of co-operation, togetherness and encourages them to develop relationships that are mutually beneficial to everyone involved. So, it is recommended you adopt a win-win attitude towards all business dealings.


This month will bring a lot of worries related to work, real estate, and your relationship with co-workers. Indecisiveness and insecurity will take you for a ride this month. On the other hand, you could get a lot of great ideas for how to make more money and branch out in new directions for greater success. Keep your eyes and ears open for inputs from random people/sources. Somewhere there is confusion related to the nature of the job you are in. You may not be sure that the work you have been doing is the best for you. Your hunches and intuitions relating to money matters may have you somewhat confused at this time, though you do have a lot of good ideas. It is totally up to you how to utilize creative energetic influence. You need to be more organized in your work, if you sit quietly and see the patterns you may notice how disorganized you are. Whatever chaos is within you, is being reflected in your environment too. Keep a checklist, follow steps and complete one task at a time. You need to accept the reality that you only have two hands and you cannot do ten things at a time.


This month there is a possibility of an ending of a key relationship. This can be due to competitive or hostile feelings. Jealousies or misunderstandings between you and your loved one(s) are likely during this period. Caution is advised when relating to men during this time, in business and personally. You may be inclined to leave behind undesirable situations during this period and move on to greener pastures. Your disappointment in others may prompt such an exit or you may be impatient with the problems present. Though some relationship in your life is coming to an end, you would be wise to not let your hostility get out of control. That would only aggravate the natural process of separation and bind you to more karma with this other person in the future. There are chances of loss of job, livelihood during this period as well. Overall it is not a favorable month for you, so do not take any important decisions in a rush. Please be patient till the storm settles and maybe you can take a call on any important matter next month.


There is a strong indication of success in professional life. Depending on your life situation this may manifest as rewards and recognition at work, promotion, or success in your business. This influence favors the expansion of business and dealings with powerful money people. Money may come through travel also. Honesty and integrity will pay off in a big way. Think BIG now. This is the time for you to expand your operations into what they could be. If you are involved in politics or the social service sector, you can expect great success. There is a need for a balance between work and health. Being a workaholic may fetch some positive results at work but impacts negatively on your mental wellbeing. All the money that you earn will be spent on medicines later in life. So, please take a break from work and spend time in nature.


There is a desire for love and acceptance that is dominating your space this month. There can also be a temptation to explore new relations now irrespective of your relationship status. There are chances of new love affair possibilities now. For some, this can be a period of restlessness and indecision in the area of love. You have an opportunity to make this period more successful by turning inward and exploring deep hidden mysteries, occult, soul, past lives, and writing/expressing your thoughts and feelings. During this period you may find yourself feeling and acting upon a desire for money for the purpose of helping others unselfishly. This expansive and beneficial influence brings a humanitarian or spiritual ideal into your heart that seeks completion. You may also receive a letter or communication about money or about this unselfish purpose. Relationships you initiate now will bring good results, financially, romantically, and spiritually.


There is a desire for affection/love/belongingness/acceptance. Most often during this energetic surge, people get engaged or married. If you are already in a committed relationship then there is a possibility of conception. In very few cases, this energy forces people to look out for extra-marital affairs because of emotional needs. It may not be you who will make the first move, but someone will approach you with an unusual romantic proposition. If you find yourself in an awkward situation, look within and ask yourself why? maybe there is suppressed emotion or unmet expectation which has resulted in such a proposal. There is also an element of childlike innocence & curiosity that will make you go for what you want or try to get it relentlessly without thinking about consequences. If you realize you are caught up in this kind of an act, take some time and analyze with your adult brain. You may have to heal the inner child which is craving attention. Also, you may end up contacting a mystic, psychic, or occultist because there is a deep calling to know more about yourself or your future self.

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