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Asharira is an attempt to help all individuals who are in a need of guidance and clarity. A combination
of various techniques such as numerology, astrology, tarot, oracle cards, and many other metaphysical modalities are used intuitively to provide better clarity and to help people understand their strengths
and be able to work with their full potential so that they can achieve everything and anything that they
have dreamed about.
Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, and so on ought to be utilized as an apparatus and a tool. This by itself
doesn't characterize your prosperity or destiny. This can just help you to know your deepest qualities
and shortcoming, with the goal that you will spend less time stressing over your shortcoming and focus
on your regions of strength.
At the point when there is an issue or question and you can't get an arrangement or are uncertain of the appropriate solution, at that point, you will wind up connecting with individuals who decipher stars,
planets, numbers to realize what's there in the destiny for you. Hence Astrology or any type of
tool/system utilized for predictions gives you lucidity when you are in the condition of tumult or

You are the maker of your destiny, guidance can assist you with creating it better and in an increasingly efficient manner.

Life Guidance

Life Guidance

30 mins / ₹1200

60 mins / ₹2400

If you have specific queries that need to be addressed, from business to personal, you can opt for this service. This is an interactive session in which your queries will be answered real-time using Mystical Astrology, which is a mixture of Tarot, Dowsing, and an ancient system of card science that is believed to have originated from Atlantis and was widely used during Egyptian civilization.


Tarot Reading

30 mins / ₹1200

60 mins / ₹2400

Tarot cards can sense the current energies and many things that cannot be known through astrological charts can become visible in a tarot session. It is recommended that you give at least 3 weeks gap between tarot readings. Tarot works best for a short duration, for example, 1-3 months, maximum 6 months.

Yearly Prediction Report

Yearly Guidance 


Calendar New Year begins from first Jan (or whatever schedule you pursue) however your new year begins from your birthday. Yearly forecast beginning from your present birthday to next birthday will be given.
The yearly report will help you to design your year well ahead of time. It contains the period where energy is high and favored, just as the period which needs additional consideration in both individual and professional life. Additionally, there will be a sign of who will play a fundamental job in a particular period of your life this year.

The Guidance consists of:
• Overall Summary of the Year
• Major Problems & How to Align to get better Results
• Transformation Lessons
• Detailed Prediction of Energetic Phases of the Year


Relationship Guidance


Marriage is an organization, where you learn and instruct simultaneously. When you wed, you wed an individual as well as everything related to that individual, for instance, their habits, conduct, strengths, shortcomings, fears and phobias, and so forth.,
Each individual carries their baggage of Karmic obligations and belief systems which regularly gets
overlooked during marriage since WHAT IS VISIBLE IS GIVEN MORE IMPORTANCE (beauty, cash, status), than what is not visible (TRUTH, THE REASON FOR UNION).
Marriage is past the gathering of two bodies with the end goal of recreation, it is the association of two spirits with the end goal of development of consciousness.


Guidance Consists of:
• The real reason why UNIVERSE brought you together
• Karmic baggage you carried when you got into the relationship?
• How to experience the sacredness of togetherness through cooperation and understanding
• How to work together for a common cause. (BUSINESS/SPIRITUAL)

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