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Mystical Astrology: June 2021 Predictions

Find Your Number

If your date of birth is 28-10-1987,

Your "Birth Number" is (2+8) = 1 and

Your "Life Path Number" is (2+8+1+0+1+9+8+7) = 9

If you get 11, 22, 33 do not reduce it to a single-digit

Please read both Birth & Life Path Numbers


There is an indication of success in any public-related activity, it can be working with a group of people for a common cause of group learning and skill-enhancing training. The social success indicated this month only comes when you do not operate as an introvert and get out of any fear or inferiority complex to get involved actively. Another manifestation of energetic influence is there are possible family functions or social gatherings, for some auspicious/religious purpose. There are higher chances of recovery from any health issues now. If you are an employee, this month blesses you with some kind of recognition and reward. Also, for business owners, this is the month to increase your marketing and promotional activities and reach a larger mass with your new products and services. Aggressively pursuing friendships and relationships should bring you success and happiness under this influence and this is certainly the time to take an active role in all social and personal situations. A great influence for performers and artists and those dealing with the public.


This month gives you a special opportunity to achieve much success through self-mastery. This means creating more success by changing our inner thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes instead of trying to alter external circumstances. This month your organizational ability is at an all-time peak, and with your expertise and attention to detail, you can expect success in work. Double-check all your work and your emails before you send them. This is a highly spiritual influence that could indicate a time when you have some profound experiences of awakening and self-realization. There are bound to be some interesting experiences during this period that lift you to new levels of understanding and awareness. On the practical side, you will find that your work and real estate concerns are going very well as you work hard and apply this new understanding to the mundane situations in your life. If you have some unpredictable female friends, don’t try to forcefully correct them. It would be best to just step back and allow them to do or be whatever they need to. A good friendship comes from unconditional love and acceptance.


This month, a money partnership of some kind will be playing a role in your life. This could be a standard business partnership or something out of the ordinary, but it will certainly have something related to money as the end result. The partnership you begin this month can be the source of both spiritual and material benefits. This is going to be some unusual partnership, an unexpected one. Focus now should be on your business deals and relations. Sometimes we have to make arrangements with others in order to further our own financial future, and this will be the month where you are making changes internally to meet all expectations. Pay attention to words, any uncontrolled blabber might cause irreversible damage to your reputation. Even your points are valid and you are being honest, there is a nicer way to communicate. Your intention must be to get things done than proving your point. Please keep in mind, relationships are precious and when it comes to business, it is even more important as it can make or break a deal.


This month blesses you with mental power, the ability to focus one’s mind on a goal. Any work that got dragged for whatever reason from the past few months may see its fruition this month. If you are taking any competitive exam, you are very likely to crack it. Stay positive and believe, you will achieve. There is success indicated where groups of males are involved, some sort of male gathering or male-dominated organization. This is a very good period for politicians, social activists and those who work with a group of people for a cause or mission, and those who are in a leadership position in any organization. If you are involved in any legal hurdle, it is very likely that you will win the case. This is a very positive period for those who are ambitious, determined, and have a specific goal in mind. On the negative side, there is a tendency for verbal arguments and fights. You must guard your anger and stubbornness. You will end up achieving what you want as long as you stay calm and use your brain rather than your voice.


This month is expecting you to settle old debts. This may manifest differently based on your life situation. If you owe money, you may be bombarded with phone calls and visits by debt collectors. At the same time, you will be forced to call up all those who owe money to you. There is friction with men indicated this month. In some cases, this can be the settling of values or arguments. What happens is a reflection of your value system so take heed. Honesty is the best policy now. Settlements of legal and business debts and difficulties will happen now and you will get just what you deserve. You may have to make good on all promises you make now so watch what you say and do. Don't let a fear of failure cause you to procrastinate on financial deals that you started earlier as they are your best bet. It is recommended that you make compromises where the money is concerned and take full responsibility for all your debts and actions that involve the exchange of value.


This month you are blessed with a powerful influence of balance and peace in personal relationships. How it affects you will largely depend upon your current status in your love life and how responsible you have been in that area. The situation may demand to settle all your love debts and take responsibility for your words and actions in your closest relationships. The highest manifestation of this influence is good Love Karma, all the good things you have done for others in past will be coming back to you. Your past efforts to take responsibility and willingness to make compromises in love and friendship are now bearing fruit as others come into your life to repay you in some fashion. Be a good receiver, this is the time to set aside your egoistic conditioning and allow the Universe to give you what you truly deserve. There will be peace and harmony in all relationships. The lowest manifestation of this energy is you may feel being ignored and isolated by your loved ones. If this happens, stop blaming the whole world and question yourself. Why did I manifest this? You will receive answers when you surrender to the silence.


This month there is an energetic influence of creativity, newness. This has to be channeled properly and expressed through art, design, or some other right-brain activities. Maybe you are on the verge of taking up two jobs at a time, one for the money and one for passion. If you are in a monotonous job that doesn’t involve any creativity, it is highly recommended that you take some time off and paint something, even if you are not a good artist. It helps in the release of certain stored up energy from your mind. This energetic influence also brings many fluctuations and indecision about romantic involvement and work. This could be about your job, money, a woman, or even your health. You may dread monotony and sameness now, especially in romance. You may be fickle and aloof with your close friends and family, and expect many changes in your attractions and friendships. Be careful that your indecisiveness doesn’t leave you or your loved ones feeling insecure.


This month you will have a considerable amount of financial power. The power to make money is somehow linked with a special purpose. During this period, money comes to you from various avenues. It can be the loan you were waiting to buy that dream car of yours or the apartment you fell in love with. Or it could be the dream project which got clearance and investors released the most awaited funding. Basically, depending on your life situation either you will earn or borrow as long as you are clear about how much money you want and the purpose. The bigger the purpose (not self-centered) the bigger the possibility of an inflow of money. Also, people who are involved in import-export, forex, or any business in a foreign land can expect huge returns. For some, this could be the fulfillment of their financial dream or wishes. There is also a possibility of money coming from an inheritance, watch out for deception. Check all documents carefully and maybe you actually deserve more but you are being brainwashed to accept less. If you are involved in any healing profession, psychic reading or any job related to helping others then you will make more money this month.


This month you may experience the desire for money, which can also make you sick to some extent. This is not a happy desire but the one coming out of fear of poverty or the loss of something. You are either getting very anxious about the future or overthinking about the current financial situation. Any new businesses or money-making enterprises that begin now will demand a lot of hard work to get them to pay off. This could also represent a desire for money to help someone who is in need or ill. This is a karmic influence, that is, payment for past actions. It may well be that some of the problems you are experiencing now stem from your actions in the past, especially if you have been overly attached to material status or possessions. This influence leads to a general state of feeling impoverished. See, if you can operate out of a state of abundance. How you feel inside is more important now than what’s happening outside. If you check your finances right, you might be doing well enough and most of your fears are just made up. Keep some money aside for healthcare, usually, I have noticed expenditure due to ill health whether it can be yours or your family member.


There is a need for peace and harmony at home, either you are working towards attaining such a peaceful situation at home or you are craving for one. The energetic influence this month is all about home, love, family, and attainment of satisfaction. There are some unexpected social or sexual encounters possible this month as well. You may end up meeting your ex who may rekindle an old love story and a hope for reconciliation. Overall relationship with co-workers will be cordial and there aren’t any major hurdles visible. This is also a good time to explore any real estate deals, just keep an eye in case anything catches your attention. If you are married and expecting, this is the month to indulge in the creation process as there are stronger chances of conception visible. But if you are not keen then please take precautions. It is noticed that during this type of energetic surge conception happens effortlessly and unexpectedly. Overall a very satisfying month.


There is a change in your financial condition, either up or down depending on your life situation and karmic pile up from the past. There are changes indicated in the business values/operation and even the location. This is the time when people go through a transformation, change of values in particular. If you are operating with higher vibration then you may get into the questioning mode, like what are you doing with your life? what changes are needed to lead a better life? etc., if you are operating in a lower vibration you will get into "blame it all on the world" mode. There is also a strong indication of a long business trip, something related to a faraway foreign land. In few cases, the journey can be into the spirit realm (Shamanic Journey). Be extra cautious in all your business transactions, signing of contracts, etc., there is a chance of deception or misunderstanding. This is because your need for new experience has left you in an overexcited or anxious situation, you are not paying attention. Any movement during this month is profitable and will bring many blessings in the coming days.


There is an indication of aggressive pursuit for love or money. Depending on your life situation, this energetic influence may vary. If you are single, you may accelerate the hunt for a suitable mate on all dating sites. If you are married then there can be many experiments in lovemaking with your spouse. In very rare cases, there is also the possibility of the beginning of an extra-marital affair during this period. For those who aren't looking for sexual intimacy, this energetic surge will help to expand their business network or new friendships with a like-minded group of people. Since this is highly creative energy, give priority to self-expression. Create vlogs or reach out to the public if you have something to share and will be well-received. Let others know what you are and what you think. Overall a very positive period as long as you don't overdo things in the area of sexual expression. Be mature, Do not force yourself on anyone if they are not interested in you.

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