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Mystical Astrology: July 2021 Predictions

Find Your Number

If your date of birth is 28-10-1987,

Your "Birth Number" is (2+8) = 1 and

Your "Life Path Number" is (2+8+1+0+1+9+8+7) = 9

If you get 11, 22, 33 do not reduce it to a single-digit

Please read both Birth & Life Path Numbers


This month brings financial losses of one kind or another. In some cases, this can manifest as a loss of a job or project, which will result in a hampered financial state. Something of great value is getting out of your hand, and there is nothing you can do about it but accept the fact and let go. There is a loss of money on speculation (stock market or gambling), legal matters is a possibility. This is not the time to experiment or to take blind risks. Any aggressive business activities and speculation related to the business are not favored now and may result in great loss. This doesn’t mean you should not get into any long-term investments. Take a calculated risk and invest in those which yield better returns in the long term. There will be difficulties in all tax-related affairs. Watch out for the tendency to get into fights with men now, some highly aggressive men can create a lot of mental tension during this period. If you keep a positive spirit and calmness during this period, it can become a month when you create a strong financial foundation for the future.


This month you have a few unexpected circumstances in the area of love, work, and friendship that may drain you. Jealousy and scandal may occur at work to assassinate your character, also good friends are hard to come by during this period. Do not blindly trust if someone tries to act extremely good, you don't need to open up and tell all your story. Do not expect much from others now, and look to any sort of humanitarian work for inspiration and healing. There are high possibilities of break up from your current relationship or you may receive a divorce notice from your spouse. It is also possible that you have outgrown some of your friendships and that now is the time to let them go. Please see all endings this month as destined ones, these endings can be related to your marital life, work, friendship, or even your close relatives. This is a very good influence for spiritual matters, learning new spiritual information. Please note, this ending you are going to experience will open space for new and better relationships in the future.


There is an energetic influence of inactivity, this is happening because the universe is expecting you to bring some sort of balance and peace in your personal life. There is a demand that all outstanding love debts be settled and the universe is encouraging you to take responsibility for your actions and words in your relationships. You may have to make compromises and adjustments to accomplish peace and balance. This influence doesn't support any travel or changes of any kind. If your relationship (personal or professional) is in a state of chaos, the time has come to sort it out before it becomes worse. Any travel plans this month will not happen as scheduled. Your home, family, and close relationships should be a source of satisfaction now. If you are inclined to spirituality, this month you will experience some profound revelations. Sit back, relax and go deep within. There is also a possibility that you will discover your life's purpose and this will be a month worth remembering for the rest of your life.


This month blesses you with a considerable amount of emotional power, charm, and personal magnetism. This power should be used to bring success in activities that mainly involve a group of people such as acting or sales activities, particularly where males predominate. Your dynamic nature will contribute to success in social and business endeavors during this period. Be careful that you don't overdo the social scene to the detriment of either your health and your work. You need to focus all your energy on your goals this month and success is guaranteed. This is the month to shine, don’t hide in your comfort zone and get out to reach people. If you are in sales, marketing, or any kind of promotional business then accelerate & expand your activities this month for best results. There is also considerable healing power at your disposal. You can use it to heal old emotional wounds of yours or your loved ones. It is recommended that you keep your bodily urges in control particularly when you are dealing with the opposite sex at work.


There is an energetic influence of self-mastery, mastering the Self. Some kind of upgrade is going to happen at the level of consciousness if you are ready for it. The month may reveal some secrets about why you failed in the past and may open up new possibilities in the field of mind and spirit. You may have arrived at the stage in life that you have realized that unless you correct the source code or the core programming of your mind there will always be a void, a feeling of emptiness. Maybe you know everything already but still, find yourself in a loop or pattern that is repeating itself right in front of your eyes and you are unable to get out of it because you are so attached with your existing self or fear of losing the known. The only way out is through complete surrender. On the material plane, everything should be running smoothly. This is a very successful period for those who are involved in counseling and healing practices. If you are in a leadership role in any organization, your words will be valued and accepted without much resistance.


There is an energetic surge of completion or ending this month. Based on your life situation this can manifest as completion of a long-pending project or task. This is the time to upgrade your ways of communication and thinking to a whole new level. You may realize that the way you talk is the source of many problems and would like to work on your communication skills. There is an element of energy exchange in every relationship and that’s what keeps it alive. Your words may act like a block that will stop you from receiving what you deserve in return. So there is a need for maturity in communication. In business, when you lose a client it costs you money, and in the same way in personal relationships when you lose people it costs you a lot of energy. Choose people carefully, you should know whom to let go of and whom to hold on to. As long as you operate out of ego, you will end up losing those whom you shouldn’t. This period could also bring issues with males, they can be your family members or co-workers. You could even lose a job over an argument with a man or woman with masculine traits. Impatience may even cause you to change your line of work. Take it easy.


There is an energy of union, partnership in work, or friendship. You will be feeling the need for others in your life and you may end up meeting someone who shares similar likes/dislikes and this will result in strong bonding between you two. You love to hang out with this person because he/she makes you feel belonged and comfortable. This energetic influence also supports successful business partnerships, whether it is land/real estate deals, humanitarian work, or futuristic technology. If you have been looking for an ideal partner for your futuristic project, this is the time where you should accelerate the hunt. It is bound to be innovative or unusual in some way, and it may happen unexpectedly. This partnership may cause you a bit of uncertainty but keep in mind, all close relationships always require a bit of 'give and take' for success. This is also a very good time to meet old friends, college reunions, etc.


There is some sort of restlessness in your heart, this can manifest in many ways. There is dissatisfaction with your home situation or love life and also there is a desire for change. Most often people move to a new home or living environment during this period. There is also the possibility of separation from the family, this may be because of the business needs or some avoidable situation. The journey to a distant place is clearly visible; if you get an opportunity to travel from work, accept it. Or if you have been planning to take a trip then this will be the month that it will materialize. The universe is expecting you to move and everything will be taken care of. Be practical when it comes to making decisions and don’t let your fantasies hijack your common sense. Lack of clarity or miscommunication could cause problems in important relationships now. Take extra care that you are clearly understood in all your communications until the end of this month.


There is a strong indication of moving to a new place, this could manifest as a change of job or business, moving to a new home or city. In some cases, this movement is a change of health situation for good. If you have been suffering from some health condition, this month you will be guided to a place where you can heal yourself. Do not resist the movement, most often we end up resisting the change and will continue to hold on to our comfort zone. The Universe is giving an assurance that change is for your good. Any moves or travel, whether personal or business-related will bring many rewards to you soon. A lot of money could be made on a business trip. A positive manifestation of this energetic influence is a large sum of money changing hands. People will end up investing in real estate at a place that is far from where they are currently staying. This is an excellent period for promoting and selling your products and services. Do not restrict yourself to one location, it is time for expansion. The negative manifestation of this influence is inner restlessness, this will only happen for those who are not ready to make a move.


This month, you may have a strong desire to maintain status and financial standing that motivates you to work and act. Under this energetic influence, it is highly likely that you begin a new job, line of work, or find a new way to make money. Things that begin during this period are destined for success. If you have been procrastinating to give shape to that radical idea you were holding on to, this is the right month to take a leap of faith and jump into action. An important communication regarding your business or financial investments is on your way. Please keep in mind, hard work and perseverance that you put in this month will not go to waste. There is definitely an urge for something new, keep in mind it is better to try and fail than fail to try. A radical shift will happen once you set your mind, your values will change, the way you look at things will change, all those which you hated in the past might start attracting you. Overall, a very positive month, and only your perception is your limitation.


This is a very successful month for you, particularly if you are in a business that involves products or services for men. Any aggressive pursuit of financial goals could bring huge returns and somehow you intuitively know what sells. At the same time, it may be very hard for you to slow down and control your expenditure. You should watch out for impulsive shopping for expensive items this month. Whatever you want to buy if you can delay it by a month then you may realize it was the best decision you made. It is recommended that you channel all your impatience towards your work and getting things done quickly and efficiently. This is a positive period to be involved in humanitarian causes and work to raise funds.


There is an energy of ending and this can manifest differently based on your life situation. There is a strong indication of illness & possible hospitalization, it can be you or one of your close circle of family & friends. It can be an infection or something that was building for a very long period and has started showing its symptoms now. Do not ignore any discomfort in your body, pain is a friend who warns us before things get ugly so do not ignore any such signs that your body brings to your awareness. There are also some karmic debts to be repaid, that is, payments for things you had done in the past. Any negativity or unhealthy habits now will only aggravate the situation. There can also be an ending to a job or relationship. You may resist the ending because of your attachment to the place or person, it will only increase the pain as the end is certain. This is the month to let go and move on, but before that learn the valuable lesson that the ending is teaching or else you will repeat the same pattern all over again.

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