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Mystical Astrology: February 2021 Predictions

Find Your Number

If your date of birth is 28-10-1987,

Your "Birth Number" is (2+8) = 1 and

Your "Life Path Number" is (2+8+1+0+1+9+8+7) = 9

If you get 11, 22, 33 do not reduce it to a single-digit

Please read both Birth & Life Path Numbers


This month brings measurable success in one of the mind related fields or endeavors, like publishing or teaching or areas where large groups are benefitting from your talents and mental brilliance. If you have been thinking of sharing your thoughts, you can make a video and post it on YouTube and let it reach the mass. Do not worry about the number of likes or negative comments, your focus should be on spreading the message, not their likes or dislikes. Recognition for your talents and efforts are very much visible this month. If you are an employee, you may get appreciation emails or rewards for your work. There is success in anything that you take up, a realization of a dream is also possible. Travel can be very rewarding during this period, as well as any business interests that are foreign or distant from your city/country. Make positive use of this auspicious influence and do not procrastinate.


This month there is an energy of new beginnings, particularly in the area of money-making. This can be interpreted as the beginning of a new job, new business, or project. There is an immense desire for money, you may expand your existing business or start something in parallel with the existing work to increase the money flow. The aggressive desire for money, when controlled, can be very effective in increasing your net worth. You must take a calculated risk and proceed, instead of moving with a headstrong attitude. Also, you should be careful about the vibration you are creating. If you create a vibration of desperation for money, it will only lead to pain. You are not going to benefit from this negative vibration, instead operate out of fullness, you already have what is needed and everything will be taken care of. You must also ensure all your transactions are ethical and under the guidance of a good financial adviser. Any unethical way of saving tax may lead to legal issues in the future. Money making looks like a game to you now, only the player who knows the rules of the game can play well.


This month brings financial losses of one kind or another. In some cases, this can manifest as a loss of job or project, which will result in a hampered financial state. Something of great value is getting out of your hand, and there is nothing you can do about it but accept the fact and let go. There is a loss of money on speculation (stock market or gambling), legal matters is a possibility. This is not the time to experiment or to take blind risks. Any aggressive business activities and speculation related to the business are not favored now and may result in great loss. This doesn’t mean you should not get into any long term investments. Take a calculated risk and invest in those which yield better returns in the long term. There will be difficulties in all tax-related affairs. Watch out for the tendency to get into fights with men now, some highly aggressive men can create a lot of mental tension during this period. If you keep a positive spirit and calmness during this period, it can become a month when you create a strong financial foundation for the future.


This month brings serious emotional problems causing ill health and other kinds of misfortune including hospitalization and loss of livelihood. Do not ignore any health issues, please reach out to a doctor. If you are currently facing any issues at work, please keep a low profile as any aggression from your side may result in termination from the job. Be careful while driving, there can be some troubles due to accidents. Personal as well as Professional relationships are challenging and disappointing but contact with the public or volunteering for a cause can be a source of fulfillment and joy. Any breakup or death of a relationship is destined to teach you much about yourself and your love nature. In any case, one or more key relationships in your life have reached their place of completion and are now coming to an end. Letting go of personal attachments and relationships that are no longer serving any good purpose in your life will ultimately lead you to new and better relationships.


There is a strong indication of success in professional life. Depending on your life situation this may manifest as rewards and recognition at work, promotion, or success in your business. This influence favors the expansion of business and dealings with powerful money people. Money may come through travel also. Honesty and integrity will pay off in a big way. Think BIG now. This is the time for you to expand your operations into what they could be. If you are involved in politics or the social service sector, you can expect great success. There is a need for a balance between work and health. Being a workaholic may fetch some positive results at work but impacts negatively on your mental wellbeing. All the money that you earn will be spent on medicines later in life. So, please take a break from work and spend time in nature.


This month blesses you with heightened creativity, how you make use of this energetic surge is totally up to you. If you work constructively, this will be the month when you decide to give shape to your ideas and come up with a concrete plan to bring it to reality. If you have been thinking of writing a book or expressing your ideas via blog/vlog, the time is now. This is a very positive period for writers, speakers, or publishers, you can come up with new and radical ideas and you will be much appreciated for your work. On the lower side, there is a considerable amount of indecision in matters dealing with men, lawsuits, or work. Difficulty in thinking clearly or making decisions under pressure could cause the loss of one or more opportunities. It is recommended you double-check before signing any agreements or take a legal opinion. Do not rush. If you experience anxiety during this month, take some time off from work and visit the hill station or beach whichever soothes your mind. Nature is a great healer, go and get re-energized.


This month is expecting you to settle old debts. This may manifest differently based on your life situation. If you owe money, you may be bombarded with phone calls and visits by debt collectors. At the same time, you will be forced to call up all those who owe money to you. There is friction with men indicated this month. In some cases, this can be the settling of values or arguments. What happens is a reflection of your value system so take heed. Honesty is the best policy now. Settlements of legal and business debts and difficulties will happen now and you will get just what you deserve. You may have to make good on all promises you make now so watch what you say and do. Don't let a fear of failure cause you to procrastinate on financial deals that you started earlier as they are your best bet. It is recommended that you make compromises where the money is concerned and take full responsibility for all your debts and actions that involve the exchange of value.


This month you should be cautious about all your business dealings. There is an energy of loss or rip-off. During this energetic influence, people end up attracting cheaters into their life. Also keep all your precious belongings safe, as there is a chance of theft. It is recommended that you take multiple or expert opinions before buying any real estate property this month. If you are an employee, do not expect much from co-workers. There is also a possibility of backbiting and character assassination. On the positive side, you have a highly creative and spiritual influence this month. You may get initiated into some spiritual practices by a guru. If you are feeling lost, ask for help from your ancestors and the help will arrive from the spirit realm. There is also a possibility of the beginning of a new lifestyle, one that is more in line with higher spiritual principles or philosophies. You may decide to go vegan or adopt a sattvic lifestyle. It is recommended you keep an open friendship this month, do not stop if anyone wants to leave you. Let them go.


This period may bring some secret deals related to real estate or advanced technology fields. Maybe you will discover some secrets that were hidden from you, it can be regarding a job, professional or personal relationships. If you are eagerly looking for a job change, this could be the month in which you will get some positive results. In a few cases, it is also noticed that people change their line of work completely. There is also a possibility of getting initiated into some spiritual path. There is a desire to know more about the secrets of life, this could lead you to an occultist or tarot reader. Your psychic powers may improve and you may get visions about the future. Pay attention to dreams and random thoughts, you may receive life-saving messages from the spirit realm. There is an indication of a new beginning. Please note all new beginnings are disguised as painful endings. So any death of a relationship is only creating space for something new to sprout.


There is a visible change in your financial condition, Money is going out but struggling to come in. There is a restlessness that contributes to a loss of money and financial insecurity. This may result in a change of situation in business or work due to the ill health of yourself or someone close to you. You may find a lot of money being spent on health care or many short trips due to the same reason. You may try alternative healing for the sake of getting better but unless you fix the root which is your own insecurity, nothing is going to change on the outside. This is not a good time to take a vacation, so try to schedule any trips after this period is over. There is major discontentment with your life situation, this can be from dissatisfaction in your work or love life. This is the time to take life as an adventure instead of worrying about what's happening now. Only by changing the way you think, you will be able to come out of this period victorious. It is recommended that you address your fear now, list out everything that is bothering and try to consult a healer or psychologist if you find it hard to figure out yourself. This is a challenging phase and it will make you stronger.


There is an element of restlessness in your heart that can manifest in many ways. At the deepest level, there is dissatisfaction with your current relationship or home situation and a desire for some sort of change. This restlessness at an energetic level often results in a change of location or living environment. There will be sudden changes in feelings or unexpected trips. Your own need for personal freedom combined with the restlessness of the heart will manifest as a solo trip. The highest manifestation of this energetic influence is getting out of your comfort zone and meeting new people, sharing your ideas about your dreams and ambitions. You can make important contacts during this period if you are willing to step out and get involved in groups of like-minded people or community activities.


This month may bring a fearful and challenging legal or personal matter with a man or woman with masculine traits. Your impulsive behavior and willingness to get into arguments will only decrease the chances of your success. It is recommended that you take time to think and respond amicably. You need to look at your expectations and attachments for an outcome that may be the source of the fight now. You will have much more success than you realize by acting upon the faith that you have nothing or no one to lose. It is in frustrating and chaotic situations there is a chance of spiritual revelation. Observe yourself when you are angry. This month, the universe is expecting you to adopt a more selfless or unattached attitude. If we can allow others to be who they are and not place so many demands upon them, we not only become more aware of their true personalities but also allow ourselves the freedom to be just who we are. You have an opportunity to experience how it feels to be free of fear and attachment.

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