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Mystical Astrology: December 2020 Predictions

Updated: Dec 18, 2020


There is an energetic influence of closure or ending which may manifest as the end of relationships, jobs, or business. There will be a disappointment in finances related to ill health or the death of someone in your close circle. The universe is expecting you to let go and move on. You may be holding on to a few relationships which have lost their meaning or you may be holding on to a job that will not lead you anywhere. Yes, endings can be very challenging at times, and resistance to the end will only create more pain. Accept things and people the way they are. It is your expectation of 'how one should be' that is the core reason for misery. This is not the time to indulge in any kind of speculation or gambling. Any deviation from fairness or legitimate transactions will bring heavy consequences. The lessons you learn during this month will bring more maturity, fairness, and the ability to have much greater success in your life. Go with the flow and it is recommended that you connect with nature this month, meditate sitting under a tree. Ground yourself.


This will be the month of the settling of accounts, usually takes the form of repayment of financial debts and sometimes in terms of 'value'. This powerful influence encourages you to unburden yourself by paying off all that you owe and also if anyone owes money, you should put pressure in getting it back this month. Don't be harsh at the same time, use a diplomatic approach to get your money back. This month also encourages you to make compromises where the money is concerned and take full responsibility for your debts and actions that involve the exchange of value. Avoid speculation and gambling during this period. Any compromises and adjustments related to business this month work in your favor in the long run. So be smart, think big. This is also a very positive time for charity work. Please give a certain portion of your profit for a worthy cause.


This month you are blessed with the high energy of mental power and this will help you to focus your mind on the goal or objective and see it through to a successful conclusion. This power is usually applied to educational tasks. Either you are thinking of doing some personality development course to upgrade yourself or rolling out a new training program to educate people, whatever may be the case this is the time act. You will be able to overcome all obstacles through your mind-power. Just by sheer focus and attention, you will be able to accomplish anything you want as long as it has greater good for everyone involved. Any knowledge of foreign or distant matters or matters related to travel could bring much success. Because of your heightened psychic sensitivity, you have the ability to heal yourself and others during this period. This is a very successful period for energy healers, doctors, and teachers. You will be able to apply your acquired knowledge for the benefit of humanity. Your interest in metaphysical subjects and uncovering the mysteries of life could lead to much satisfaction during this period.


This month you are blessed with the energy of self-mastery and your success this month is linked with mastering your inner-self than controlling the external situation. During this period, it is recommended that you spend some quality time observing your thoughts, emotions, and beliefs. You will get the clue why certain events happened in the past and how you were directly responsible for those events. You may also decide to do spiritual courses which will give more insights on body, mind & spirit and how they all are interrelated. If you have already worked on your mind, you can expect greater results from anything you do passionately. Success in all legal matters is a clear possibility. You may have to work very hard but your organizational ability will help keep everything in its place and help keep you on the right track. Women with masculine traits will be the source of success or frustration, depending on how good you are with them.


This month brings troubles associated with partnership, you may feel extremely burdened or restricted in the existing business/money partnership. If you are an employee, your co-workers might be the source of your problems now. Do not expect much from others this month and it is recommended to reduce dependency on others wherever you can and become more active. There is also the possibility of meeting a doctor or some sick friend. This is not a month to get into any new partnerships and as mentioned above the existing partnerships need more attention and discipline to be successful. Do not let the fear of isolation or failure consume your energy this month. Most often people get into a dubious partnership out of fear. It will take more than the usual amount of patience to be successful now. Do not ignore any health issues, take precautions while going out.


This month your intuition will be much higher than normal. Many bits of information may seem to come to you about your family or work. Your mental power is also heightened. This power of the mind can bring success at work or with friends, especially females. Your love is more inclusive without boundaries of judgment. This month you will experience a higher side of love, motherly in nature. You will be more receptive, avoid becoming overly emotional about situations or people. Your heart chakra is open, there is an entirely new way of looking at things particularly in the area of love. Since the energy this month is highly feminine, you will see the other side of the story in every situation you face during this period. If you are a man, you should embrace your feminine side, help your spouse in cooking, gardening, or go shopping with her ;). You will learn how to be patient and calm. The lower side of this vibration is people become overly sensitive and may get irritated even for silly matters.


This month you are blessed with very creative and youthful energy. The powerful mentally creative energy should be used in the creation of new art/literature or products/services based on your area of work. This is a very positive period for anyone involved in the art and entertainment sector. Your communication is very polished now and you know the secret to influence people with your words. You are also being facilitated by this powerful energy into new ways of thinking and being. Most people get inclined towards spirituality during this period. This very newness will take you towards knowledge that has a transformative effect on your life. Success is guaranteed, it is up to you how you will make it happen. If you have been thinking of exploring opportunities in the area of publishing, public speaking, please make use of this month. One caution is to be careful when you talk to anyone related to legal work. If you are involved in any legal issues, your impatient words may cause disruption and the lawyer may deny working on your case. You may feel a bit awkward to work with men during this month as they will be the source of your discomfort.


This month there is a surge of creative energy, if channeled properly you can come up with great futuristic ideas in your line of work. Maybe there is an artist in you who needs some nourishment and hand-holding. This energetic influence will result in working on two jobs at once, or maybe you are in a transition period moving from one job to another and having a hard time choosing the right one. So, you decided to work on both for a while to see what works best for you. This energy doesn’t support decision making, it creates confusion as it brings two opportunities at once to test your will. This is not a good aspect of legal matters, as there could be some doubts or unsettled issues that need to be addressed before you proceed. Your aggressive desire for more may get you involved in more than one project or jobs than you can handle. This could be more draining than helpful for you at this time. If you feel restlessness, take some time off and surrender to the silence. It is recommended that you spend 15 to 20 minutes in silent meditation. Do not take any important decisions when you are in a state of confusion.


This month blesses you with a desire for Knowledge. This very desire can lead to professional and material success in the coming months. A new idea or plan for a business or financial success will have good consequences now. Follow your impulses to start something new and see what happens. May be time has come to share all your great ideas through the proper channel. During the surge of this energy, people often to the conclusion that they cannot expect the entire world to accept the language they speak. This very realization will make them learn new ways of communicating so that they can talk about the language that gets the work done. The negative manifestation of this influence will make people over-ambitious and egoistic. This could undermine the chances of success. One should take it slow, digest the information bit by bit then rushing with impatience. Learning is not a race to be won, it is a process. Also, please ground yourself. Too much information may cause your brain overactive causing sleeplessness. Meditation and Pranayams will be of great help.


This month, there is an energy of friction with a man. If you are a man, this friction can lead to fighting or secret competition and if you are a woman, the same energy may lead to romantic attraction. Depending on your life situation, this is a period in which you may seek expert guidance in the area of finance or law. So, if you are meeting any financial advisors or lawyers for your business or personal reasons, pay attention and if you are confused take a second opinion. Another possibility of this energetic influence is the marketing and promotional activities of your products and services. You will be blessed with very strong and creative energy this month, you can use it to promote your ideas and reach out to your audience. If you let go of the fear and aggressively pursue then you can expect huge returns. Please take calculated risks in the stock market, do not blindly put all the money based on some reports you read in the news portal.


This month brings success in any mind related endeavors. If you are in the teaching or publishing field, your work will be much appreciated and accepted by the masses. Recognition for your talents and efforts are very common during this period. You may have to work a bit extra hard but success is guaranteed and all your efforts will not go waste. This is also a very good influence for those who are involved in humanitarian work or selfless service. If you are working with electronics and futuristic technology, you are most likely to achieve measurable success in this influence. Your intuition could be very strong now. Psychic development is also favored during this month. You should apply this to understanding yourself and others. Do not stop asking questions and be open to the answers from the universe. The answers may come from various sources, like random people or some article that you bump into while browsing through web-pages.


There is an indication of aggressive pursuit for love or money. Depending on your life situation, this energetic influence may vary. If you are single, you may accelerate the hunt for a suitable mate on all dating sites. If you are married then there can be many experiments in the lovemaking with your spouse. In very rare cases, there is also the possibility of the beginning of an extra-marital affair during this period. For those who aren't looking for sexual intimacy, this energetic surge will help to expand their business network or new friendships from a like-minded group of people. Since this is highly creative energy, give priority to self-expression. Create vlogs or reach out to the public if you have something to share and will be well-received. Let others know what you are and what you think. Overall a very positive period as long as you don't overdo things in the area of sexual expression. Be mature, Do not force yourself on anyone if they are not interested in you.

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