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Mystical Astrology: April 2021 Predictions

Find Your Number

If your date of birth is 28-10-1987,

Your "Birth Number" is (2+8) = 1 and

Your "Life Path Number" is (2+8+1+0+1+9+8+7) = 9

If you get 11, 22, 33 do not reduce it to a single-digit

Please read both Birth & Life Path Numbers


This month can bring success with money and business. You are blessed with a powerful mind now which can be used to make good financial deals. The proper application of education and knowledge will bring noticeable success to your business and people's dealings. Your mental gifts are the source of your greatest benefits this time. Success among groups of people is indicated, such as meetings, business gatherings, exhibitions, or places where you speak or teach. You have more power than usual now, use it wisely for popularity and profit. This is also a period to increase your financial gains, it works best for those who own their business. This is the time to reach out to people and spend more time in group promotional activities. If you are an employee, this period could bring some financial rewards for your hard work and also a possibility of promotion if you ask for it. To make the most out of this period, do not hide, go on stage, and get noticed. Ask and it will be given.


There is some secret knowledge that you are interested in, this can manifest as reaching out to people who can decode the mysteries of life like astrologers, tarot readers, or occultists. In a few cases, this can manifest as reaching out for help from detectives because there's an energy of suspicion, this can be a spouse or lover or business partner. There is also a possibility of initiation into new age philosophy or spiritual practices this month. There is some shift in your energy and you would like to know more about yourself, repeating patterns in your life or maybe mind and spirit. Do not suppress any interest in occult or metaphysics, it is your soul giving signs not to limit yourself with the identity of the body, go beyond. Maybe transformation has begun and you need guidance from a spiritual master. From lifestyle to the job, everything is ready for newness.


This month blesses you with success particularly if you are in the real estate business or occult work, it can be tarot, astrology, energy healing, etc., Your business acumen is really good this month and you will be able to make fine distinctions. You can use this month effectively to market your products or services uniquely. Unexpected gains are possible this month, follow your inner calling. The only lower side of this energetic surge is impulsive spending, so keep yourself away from all big online sales. Some women in your life may be highly unpredictable now, particularly those who are into business or superiors in your workplace. To ensure success in your relationships with them, it would be best to step back and allow them to do or be whatever they need to. Avoid giving unsolicited advice and accept them the way they are.


There is an energetic surge in business ability, this can manifest in different ways based on your life situation. This month you have a strong sense of values which is a key element in the success of any business. You need to evaluate what value your products or services bring to the clients; how much it can transform their life. The bigger the value, the better will be the results. During this energetic surge, people will start their own business and blesses with considerable financial returns. This is the time to get into full-fledged action. Don’t let go of this auspicious influence and make maximum use of it. Success is indicated for those who are involved in real estate, electronic or computer-related business. Also, it is a wonderful period for those who are into healing or psychic professions. It is advised that you don’t place too many expectations on men who are fickle-minded. If you are an employee, you can expect some cash reward or promotion during this auspicious influence.


This month you will attract enough money that will take care of your security needs. There is some sense of stability visible during this period, this can be in the field of finances as well as personal life. This month there will be success and prosperity in all your business affairs, you may even make some major investments for a better financial future. If you are planning to expand your business, this is the right time. You will see good returns from all your past efforts at this time. You may have reached a stage in life where you know where exactly you want to go, this clarity in your vision is likely to attract or help in manifesting a better reality for you. This is not the time to let old memories of guilt or regret play any role in your life. You should create a strong foundation on which both personal and financial future can be built. For this, you should let go of old patterns and adopt newness. You are being protected, stay strong and create a better future.


This month there is measurable success in one of the mind-related fields or endeavors. This could be publishing or teaching where large groups are benefiting from your talent and mental brilliance. The energetic wave this month is expecting you to come out of your secure nest and fly high. Do not miss any opportunity to be on the stage because there is a high possibility of getting the recognition that you have been craving for a long time. Success comes through applying your understanding of human nature and common sense. There will be success in all legal matters if you are entangled in any lawsuit. If you are looking for a new job, this month you will be able to impress interviewers. This is a wonderful time for all who are involved in teaching, motivational speaking, and even vloggers who reach out to large groups. Speak your heart out and get recognized.


This month promises recovery from all issues whether it is your health or work. It doesn’t mean you sit idle and wait for things to resolve. You may have to take the necessary steps based on your intuitive guidance or help from some spiritual guide or a friend. This person can be a business tycoon or leader of the community or someone who has a strong social or political presence. You can expect some kind of relief from legal matters. This is a good month for progress and success in your career. Through hard work and the willingness to take responsibility, you can go far and receive some well-deserved recognition for your efforts. If you are in the pursuit of a new job, this month can bring some positive news. Be careful of men who are in positions of authority, some key positions in the government, and have power as there are chances that they may prove to be a bit troublesome or burdensome.


This is the month to settle all issues in the area of relationships, whether personal or professional. You may come to the realization that keeping certain issues open will not let you move on in your life, so you will decide to sit and close all open conversations from the past. Though you might be impatient at this time, you may be forced to slow down and act responsibly. Please note the Law of Karma applies here, it is better to use words carefully this month and not to create further animosity with anyone. If you are planning to end the relationship from your end, be soft and considerate of other’s emotions. Every relationship has an expiry date, very few last till our last breath. By using diplomacy and careful choice of words, you should be able to close some of the chapters that serve no purpose in your journey ahead. You will get exactly what you give to others now, so be especially careful in what you are putting out. If you take these precautions, then there is an assurance that any matter, whether personal or professional will result in a fair and equal settlement for all concerned.


This month blesses you with overall contentment and love. There is peace and harmony in relationships, both personal and professional. If married, your marriage can be a source of joy during this month. There is an energy of nesting, it often indicates somewhere you are ready to expand your family and there are chances of conception this month. If you are single, there are higher chances of meeting someone with whom there are strong chances of long-term commitment possibilities. Please be open to receive love from everyone. Do not let your mind filter out people based on your fears or strong likes and dislikes. Your closest relationships are very satisfying. Overall a very positive month of stability and contentment. If you are carrying a burden of negativity from past experiences, you may not be able to appreciate the good things that this month brings for you. Let go of the past and enjoy the moment.


This month you few unexpected circumstances in the area of love, work, and friendship may drain you. Jealousy and scandal may occur at work to assassinate your character, also good friends are hard to come by during this period. Do not blindly trust if someone tries to act extremely good, you don't need to open up and tell all your story. Do not expect much from others now, and look to any sort of humanitarian work for inspiration and healing. You may want to break up from your current relationship or receive a divorce notice from your spouse. It is also possible that you have outgrown some of your friendships and that now is the time to let them go. Please see all endings this month as destined ones, these endings can be related to your marital life, work, friendship, or even your close relatives. This is a very good influence for spiritual matters, learning new spiritual information. Please note, this ending you are going to experience will open space for new and better relationships in the future.


This month may bring a fearful and challenging legal or personal matter with a man or woman with masculine traits. Your impulsive behavior and willingness to get into arguments will only decrease the chances of your success. It is recommended that you take time to think and respond amicably. You need to look at your expectations and attachments for an outcome that may be the source of the fight now. You will have much more success than you realize by acting upon the faith that you have nothing or no one to lose. It is in frustrating and chaotic situations there is a chance of spiritual revelation. Observe yourself when you are angry. This month, the universe is expecting you to adopt a more selfless or unattached attitude. If we can allow others to be who they are and not place so many demands upon them, we not only become more aware of their true personalities but also allow ourselves the freedom to be just who we are. You have an opportunity to experience how it feels to be free of fear and attachment.


This month the Universe facilitates you to elevate your thinking, speaking, and acting to a new and higher level that is more inclusive and constructive. Maybe you are holding on to some of the self-centered beliefs which are keeping you in a lower state of consciousness or in a loop/pattern which is going to make you live the same life events once again with different people or environment. You may have to make some personal sacrifices. This sacrifice depends on what state you are in currently in your life situation. But The universe assures you that any sacrifices during this month for the benefit of others (including family members) will bring many blessings. You will have to direct your emotional power into selfless action for maximum success during this month. You are being influenced by the highest form of spiritual energy which may result in profound revelations. This will be a month to master your emotions, personal relationships, and doing good to others without any expectation. It is recommended you dedicate a couple of days this month to volunteering activities in your community or religious organizations.

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