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Mystical Astrology - 2021 Yearly Predictions


Please read the “How To” sections carefully before you scroll down to check predictions.

This is a free generic prediction for each number based on Numbers/Tarot Cards. If you are looking for a personalized prediction, please click here


Based on our birthday, we have two significant numbers. The basic number which defines your personality is your birthday, if your birthday is 24th then you are number 6 (2+4).

The other number is called Life Path number which defines how you live your life. If you are born on 24th February 1991, then your Life Path number is 1 (2+4+2+1+9+9+1 = 28 = 2+8 = 1).

You have to keep adding till you arrive at a single digit. You should check predictions for both 6 and 1.

Only one exception here is if you get 11, 22, or 33, you don't need to reduce it to a single digit. 11,22,33 are called Master Numbers and have their unique strengths and weaknesses. 33 is very rare and only appears as Life Path Number.


Please read predictions for both Birth Number as well as Life Path number. Both numbers have a unique influence on our life situations. For some people, their Birth number predictions are more accurate than the life path. If both the life path number and your birth number are the same, just read that particular number.



The ability to love and accept all unconditionally will be the major theme this year. Whenever this energetic influence is present, the situation manifests in such a way that it will test your patience and make you question certain beliefs and expectations that you are stubbornly holding on to. There is a high possibility that an unfaithful friend or a lover may cause considerable emotional disappointment. Whether they are doing it intentionally or not, you will feel betrayed for sure. You must guard against indulgence in loose talks and gossip, anything that doesn’t add value to you and the well-being of everyone around you. Unreliable friends or associates at the workplace can cause many problems during this year. This may be the result of the past, a friend who knows your secrets can become your enemy now. The major lesson is not to be so naïve in your friendships. You may find that you are giving out your trust and friendships before knowing just who you are giving them to. Some may not be as they appear and do not deserve the trust you are bestowing upon them. See people as they truly are, don’t live in illusion. This is also the time to address your insecurities related to being alone, overdoing things for people to like you might also be the reason for your heartbreak now. It is recommended that you adopt an attitude of unconditional love, accept, correct, and forgive yourself and others.

There is an energetic influence of closure or ending which may manifest as the end of relationships or death of a loved one (can be a pet in the family). The universe is expecting you to let go and move on. You may be holding on to a few relationships which have lost their meaning. Yes, endings can be very challenging at times, and resistance to the end will only create more pain. Accept things and people the way they are. It is your expectation of how one should be that is the core reason for misery.

There is a high possibility that you will end up doing something that you normally don’t do. You may give up some of your dream of achievement or success for the sake of love or leave your job to take care of loved ones. You may donate money or volunteer in selfless religious/spiritual activities. A very positive year for those who are involved in art or any form of artistic/creative expression, healing and counseling work, organizing, and volunteering activities.


This is the year of graduation for you, which means something is going to end. This end or death can manifest differently based on your life situation. In many cases, these endings are unexpected and sudden. This is the 'ending of something valued'. There can be some of the key relationships that may end this year, both at professional and personal levels. Something that you have wanted and worked for in the past few months or years has now outlived its usefulness in your life and is passing away. If you are conscious of this as the end of a cycle for you, you will be able to let go and move ahead looking to the future for better things to come. Do not resist any endings, you can create something new with the same energy you are wasting to save something that is getting out of your hand. This is a good influence for spiritual matters, learning new spiritual information, attending classes, upgrading your mind and spirit to elevate to the next level in the consciousness. You can expect some success if you are giving of your time and resources to charitable causes. Welcome newness with gratitude, be open to receive.

There is good support from the loved ones now, irrespective of your life situation. You may receive financial support from your spouse or family member this year. Your spouse will be making more money this year than you. There is a sense of security that you will feel with the family, most of your needs will be taken care of even though there is some void visible in the area of emotional intimacy.

You can expect success and prosperity in all business affairs or satisfaction in a large investment. Business expansion is favored by this year as you should see good returns from all your past efforts at this time. You will make more through steady progress and sticking with your original plans now. Despite all the endings that you have to go through this year, you will still be in a better position financially.


This year, One or more friends are playing an important role in your life. This can be a male friend or female with masculine traits. This can be getting into some kind of cooperation mode or partnerships in your line of work or for a cause. There is an energy co-operation that can manifest as new people arrive seeking your help or coming with a helping hand. It is recommended that you accept any help that arrives or join hands with others this year for maximum benefit. It will be a win-win situation for everyone involved and also you will get to learn more about cooperation in a competitive world. The lowest manifestation of this energetic influence can manifest as a fear of being alone, rejection, and craving for companionship or attention. This is not healthy because in those lower vibrations you will end up attracting fake friends who will come to rip you off and you will end up paying a heavy price. This year can also show who your true friends are, and you will be surprised that most of them whom you thought your friends turned out to be empty whiners. There is a strong possibility of heightened intuition this year, pay attention to subtle thoughts. There is a world beyond logic, don’t restrict yourself to the world of rationality.

There is cooperation in the area of love and family. There may be some compromises that need to be made to bring balance but it is essential now. Please see how you can create the right balance, holding on too tight or letting it too loose won’t work. Love can’t exist where there is no freedom, if you don’t operate with awareness then you may have to learn the lesson in a hard way.

If you have mixed love and money then you may expect some challenging situations this year. Also, attachment to money will not work for you now. Operate with wisdom, if you want to be rich you have to be like “rich”. Be more generous, operating with stinginess will not make you rich. Read books like Richdad, Poor Dad, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, etc.,


This year, the major theme is “immense desire” for love or money, or both. This may not be a conscious desire but energetically in the deep subconscious, there is a need for major change. This can manifest differently depending on your life situations. This could bring new relationships into your life or moving to a new location, new job, or a new lifestyle. In any case, this year promises an opportunity for a new beginning. If you are vibrating in higher consciousness, this energetic surge may push you to create something for the benefit of humanity. This could be a new business that revolves around helping people, through healing or counseling. Also, a good year if you have been thinking of getting into a creative expression like writing or vlogging, some of the ideas or insights that could make a shift in the consciousness of humanity. There are higher chances of turning into subtle-self this year, and your intuition will be at an all-time high. You can use this intuitive power to create a plan for the future and also in helping others through guidance. Any relationships that you start this year both professionally and personally will be beneficial to you and will last for a long. This is also a wonderful year to explore spirituality and metaphysics. Do not suppress any urge to explore occult materials, please have an open mind and explore new dimensions.

There will be peace and harmony in all your relationships. Marriage can also be a source of fulfillment both emotionally and financially. Please watch out for the tendency to be aloof, too much involvement in work may hamper relationships with friends or family. Work from home doesn’t mean that you should not spend quality time with the family. This is also a year of wish fulfillment in the area of love/family.

Money can come from foreign sources this year. If your job involves anything to do with import and export or traveling then you can expect good results. There can also be changes in business location or relocation to a different nation/city for the sake of business/job. There is also some kind of fickleness in the area of money/job. Please reach out to a career guidance counselor or an astrologer if you are confused about the job change.


The energetic surge this year blesses you with success, with the power of your mind you will be able to clear any obstacles that may arise. You are blessed with the right knowledge at the right time, help will arrive just when you need it. Be open to receiving. The proper application of education and knowledge will bring noticeable success with your job/business and people dealings. Success among groups of people is indicated such as meetings or places where you speak or teach. You have more power than usual now. Use it wisely for popularity and profit. As there is a clear indication of success (of course you have to work for it), aim high. If you can achieve x then set a target for 2x. If you have been thinking of taking up a certification exam or appear for civil services then this is the year for you. Don’t let the fear of the pandemic dim your inner light. Get off the self-limiting beliefs and attempt to face the challenges with a warrior spirit. You will realize it wasn’t hard after all.

There is some aggressiveness in the area of love and intimacy. If you are single, this energy can help you get committed to a long term relationship before you step into next year. Most often people get married in this energetic influence. If you are married, this year assures you that there is a greater chance of you becoming a father/mother by next January. If you are operating in higher vibrations, the very energy can manifest as a mature caring, or nurturing individual. The lowest manifestation of this vibration is lust, jealousy & possessiveness.

This is the year of settlement of debts. If you are in debt, it is recommended that you clear off unnecessary burden soon. On the other hand, you may receive payments owed to you by others that will contribute to your financial success. Allow yourself to receive. At the same time, your best success comes from remaining constant and from being open to compromise and adjustments within the context of your existing business agreements. Avoid speculation and gambling during this year.


This will be the year of karmic payback, the time has come to settle all debts. This often manifests as the settlement of long pending issues whether it is a personal relationship or a professional one. This year may bring the settlement of a lawsuit or some dealings with men. There is steadiness in all aspects of life, and the year does not support any drastic lifestyle change. If you are involved in a legal matter, rest assured that the outcome will be strictly just in all ways. You should be careful of all aggressive actions and expressions now as this powerful karmic influence promises that you will get back exactly what you put out. If you have had bad or unhealthy habits in the area of health and work or if your lifestyle has included any activities which have intentionally or inadvertently hurt others, you may have to settle your accounts during this energetic influence. Whatever happens this year, before you get into reaction or whining mode, look inward and you get some insights to make corrections in your path. This can also be a year in which you can tune into subtle thoughts, get the real purpose why you are on this planet. Any effort to uplift your mind and spirit will be beneficial to you in the long run.

In the area of love, success through hard work is indicated. If you are single, you may have to put a lot of effort to find a new partner this year. But hard work pays off. If not soon, maybe by the end of the year you will find a suitable mate. For married ones, this year may not be a smooth sail. But if you are willing to let go of silly issues and put honest effort to maintain harmony, then you can expect overall success in your marriage. If you are in any legal entanglements because of the divorce case, you will likely win the case.

There is success in work and business. If you are an employee, you may get promoted to a new role with a pay increment, and business owners can expect a good profit this year. You need to put your honest effort, success won’t come if you sit idle. Watch out for a tendency to be supreme at work. Stubborn attitude and irresponsible behavior emerging out of a superiority complex will ruin your reputation and may cause a major dent in your character. Be humble, and enjoy the success.


This is the year you have been waiting for. This year there is measurable success in one of the mind related fields or endeavors. This could be publishing or teaching where large groups are benefiting from your talent and mental brilliance. The energetic influence this year is expecting you to come out of your secure nest and fly high. You will have some control over your words this year. You know exactly how much to deliver and a careful selection of words will make a big difference now. Speak consciously, and do not miss any opportunity to be on the stage because there is a high possibility of getting the recognition that you have been craving for a long time. Success comes through applying your understanding of human nature and common sense. There will be a success in all legal matters if you are entangled in any lawsuit. If you were looking for a new job or were planning to launch a new project or new business then this is the year to launch something new. This is a wonderful time for all who are involved in teaching, motivational speaking, and even vloggers who reach out to large groups. Speak your heart out and get recognized.

This year blesses you with a high vibration of love, compassion, and wisdom. You have all the power and knowledge of love and you know how to use it. If you are single, there is a chance that you will meet someone who can become a promising partner for life. For the married ones, there is a chance of conception or childbirth. This is a highly auspicious influence, hence anything new you begin during this period will have a blessed outcome in the area of relationship. The lowest manifestation of this influence is going to be emotional instability and pessimism.

Pay attention to your spending patterns this year. Even though there is a clear indication of success and money coming in but also there is a higher possibility of over-expenditure out of emotional impulse. Before you buy something this year, ask yourself whether you need it or is it just to decorate your ego. It is not worth wasting money, it is only for immediate gratification. Instead, look at long term investments or put money on gold. There is some money going out of your pocket to satisfy one or more women this year. It can be within the family or outside.


This year, the universe blesses you with the resources to achieve your desired goals. The resources can come as human beings, knowledge, or financial aid. The year blesses you with power and the power that you probably want to use for some special purpose. Maybe you want to start a new business or a new project or expand your operations in other markets. If you have been on the lookout for investors for your firm or partners or loan from banks, everything is falling in its place magically. The help is mostly coming from men or groups of men or male-dominated organizations. There is an indication of successful completion of a legal or tax-related matter. To make the most out of this energetic surge, you need to be a little more aggressive in your pursuit of life goals. Don’t be shy or dependent on others, take charge, and success is guaranteed. You have the power to do it. This energetic surge is most beneficial for those who have their own business or those who are in a leadership position in any organization where their decision hugely impacts overall success. One of the negative manifestations of this energetic surge is stubbornness and domination over others. Please use diplomacy to resolve all conflicts, particularly with men (or women with masculine traits).

There are karmic paybacks in the area of love. If you have hurt others in the past, you will get it back this year. At the same time, if you have helped or made a difference in someone’s life you can expect blessings in return when you least expect it. For the married ones, some of your old love stories may open up and cause some disturbance in the existing relationship. If you are single, your chances of finding a partner are very less this year. If your marriage is in turmoil, all legal settlements will be fair and just.

There is a change in business location or job change indication this year. You may permanently relocate to a different city/country this year. Change is recommended, it is better you go with the flow and do not resist the change. It may cause some initial disturbance but you need to get out of your comfort zone if you want to make it big in the business/career you have chosen. The business associated with a foreign country will be beneficial now. The travel industry might pick up speed this year and tourism will thrive.


There is an energetic surge of newness this year. This can manifest differently depending on your life situation. For some, this can be stepping into a new life, moving into a new house, or a new way of thinking. There is a strong desire for knowledge of some kind or the birth of a new idea, plan, or way of communicating with the world around you. This aggressive quest for knowledge may not be related to your field of work. You are looking for overall improvement in the way you are, the way you think and act. This year you may decide to quit your job and join a new course. Maybe you don’t want to be your old self anymore and desperately in need of transformation. Metaphysical knowledge can bring valuable rewards now. You will be more aggressive and passionate in your pursuit of knowledge, whether it is legal/tax-related or esoteric. If you have been thinking of doing some course in teaching or publishing, this is the year to give it a shape. Overall a positive year marked with a new beginning. You may meet one or more astrologers, or an occultist or healer this year. There is also an indication of some fear that may bother you from time to time, throughout the year. This can be a fear of betrayal or separation from loved ones. Before you take any important decisions regarding a job, education, or business, please consult an expert. Do not take any impulsive decisions.

There is a powerful influence of balance and peace in personal relationships. How it affects you will largely depend upon your current status in your love life and how responsible you have been in that area. The situation may demand to settle all your love debts and take responsibility for your words and actions in your closest relationships. The highest manifestation of this influence is good Love Karma, all the good things you have done for others in the past will be coming back to you. The lowest manifestation of this energy is you may feel being ignored and isolated by loved ones. If this happens, stop blaming the whole world and ask the right question to yourself. Why did I manifest this? You will receive answers when you surrender to the silence.

There is an energetic wave of mental power this year, the ability to focus one’s mind on a goal or objective and see it through to successful completion. Your power of the mind can bring much success with money and business during this year. The proper application of education and knowledge will bring noticeable success in all your business dealings. You have answers to all the questions now, which will make people seek your help. Success among groups of people is also strongly visible. If you are into business, the probability of success is higher. If you are an employee, you may get some news about your promotion.


This year, there is an energetic surge of aggression, somehow it revolves around financial stability and lifestyle. You may realize sometime this year that you aren’t getting paid enough or you are not getting enough attention or not living a decent life that you always dreamt of. This may lead you on the path of self-exploration, maybe at the mind level, and will make you evaluate your capacity to earn money. This can bring some positive changes if your plans get converted into action. There will be satisfaction in all legal or tax-related work if you are involved in the business. This energetic influence works better when you know exactly what you want in the area of finance and for what cause. Try to be inclusive when you set a goal. For example, if you are thinking of starting your own business or opening your firm, instead of thinking about how much I can make, give importance to how much you can give to society. The stronger the values, the higher will be the return. This will also help you to manage what you currently have efficiently. Make a wish list, prepare an action plan, and pursue it, you will have to work hard but success is guaranteed. Overall this is a very positive year for you and you can expect support from male friends or women with masculine traits.

The fixed attitude and attachment in the area of love bring some challenges. You may dream of getting unconditional love and talk about it all day long but the real challenge is giving love unconditionally. If you have any friction in your family or love life, you need to dig into the deep subconscious mind to find out why you are manifesting challenges in your life. On the positive side, your partner may be the source of your financial fulfillment now. Married couples can jointly get into some kind of investment this year, like buying a new home or farmland.

There is an energy of stagnation in the area of money, it doesn’t mean that you have a very bad year but you have to put more effort to get success than usual. Some of your old financial debts being paid or repaid, it can manifest in payments of other forms of ‘value’. You may need to make compromises where the money is concerned and take full responsibility for all your debts and actions that involve an exchange of value. If someone owes you money, get hold of them, and make them pay. It is better to keep friendship and money separate.


The year brings considerable emotional power, charm, and magnetism to your personality. This power can be used to achieve success in any activities that deal with groups of people. A spiritual force is gathering in your life now, this force can help you to make your life better in many ways. Rewards and good friends come through travel during this year. Take extra care while traveling but do not resist the urge to move. Trust your intuition and go with the flow. Success in spiritual study and working with groups is highlighted now. The power and charm that you are now experiencing can be applied in your work or humanitarian endeavors with great success. There will be good cooperation in your family and friends circle for all your activities. You will attract a lot of attention from the opposite sex this month, so handle it wisely. This is also the year in which you are naturally vibrating like a healer. This will surely invite a few broken hearts who come seeking your guidance. Be an empath and help them to heal their wounds in whatever way you can. This is a good year to explore energy healing modalities, like reiki, pranic or redikall healing.

This year blesses you with a high vibration of love, compassion, and wisdom. You have all the power and knowledge of love and you know how to use it. If you are single, there is a chance that you will meet someone who can become a promising partner for life. For the married ones, there is a chance of conception or childbirth. This is a highly auspicious influence, hence anything new you begin during this period will have a blessed outcome in the area of relationship. The lowest manifestation of this influence is going to be emotional instability and pessimism.

There will be some indecisions in the area of money. Either you are in the process of creating multiple sources of income or unable to determine which field is best to make money. If you are a business owner, it is recommended that you take expert guidance before making huge investments in any new or existing venture this year. A very positive period for publishers, teachers, writers, and anyone who is involved in the business of art, music, broadcasting, motivational speaking, and literature.


This year blesses you with social success. The energetic surge will induce more ambition to achieve something great but ensure you don’t stray off the path of truth in the pursuit of name, fame, and glory. Do not let go of any opportunity to be on the stage or limelight this year. You may have to come out of a self-limiting belief system to fully unitize the auspicious energy. Aggressively pursuing friendships and relationships should bring you success and happiness under this influence and this is certainly the time to take an active role in all social and personal situations. A great influence for performers and artists and those dealing with the public. One of the challenging influences of this energy is anger. Please note anger and frustration will not solve any of your problems, so instead of blaming it on others look within why you are permitting others to hurt you. Since the success in the group is so evident this year, it is better if you keep a calm state of mind and persona so that people would love to be around you. If you can, please guide them but don’t condemn them unnecessarily. If you have lived the life of an introvert, maybe this year will help you to get out of your comfort zone and explore new friendships.

Through emotional self-control, wisdom, and healing power, you will be able to overcome any difficulties that may You have to operate like a 'loving father/mother' now, and even though this responsibility may seem a burden, it promises ultimate success and increasing wisdom. Any new relationship that you begin this year, has some blessings in disguise. If you are single, there are higher chances of marriage or some form of long term commitment possibility this year. For married ones, your family may extend with the arrival of new life.

This will be a very successful year for you in your business or profession, especially if you are involved in one or more of the mental fields such as writing, speaking, teaching, or publishing. Your mental power is at an all-time high along with your ability to make informed and brilliant choices in your line of work. This is the time to expand your scope of operation and to think big. This will be the year of business expansion if you had such ideas in mind from the past few years. If you are an employee, this year you can expect a promotion or move to a new higher-level job with a good pay hike.

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