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Mystical Astrology: January 2021 Predictions

Find Your Number

If your date of birth is 28-10-1987,

Your "Birth Number" is (2+8) = 1 and

Your "Life Path Number" is (2+8+1+0+1+9+8+7) = 9

If you get 11, 22, 33 do not reduce it to a single-digit

Please read both Birth & Life Path Numbers


This month is very satisfying in all aspects as there is an indication of financial success and satisfaction in personal life. Any laborious effort in money-making will yield good profit. The success may come through an established business, not by any get-rich-quick schemes, risky investments, and stock market gambling. If you are an employee, you will feel secure in the current job and there aren’t any threats job because of the market fluctuations. There is overall satisfaction and stability in both health, work, and all affairs in general. Recovery from illness and any work-related problems can be expected during this month. If you are a business owner, then this is the month for business expansion. One needs to feel fully secured before they think of expanding and this month is providing that state of mind as well as financial stability that you can take the calculated risk of expanding your venture.


This month brings many doubts, fear, and uncertainty about your job, health, journey over water, or any foreign-related business matter. There is an energy of chaos, that will disturb you from within. Maybe things are not going as expected and you are unable to figure out what’s happening in your life. There is an indication of heightened brain activity now. The more you try to figure out things while in the chaos, the more you get lost in it. So, for now, it is recommended to keep calm and do NOTHING. Stop searching for an answer, once the mind is quiet the answers will emerge. Take care of your mental wellbeing. Also, be certain that any work you do has a foundation of planning and reality, or you may have regrets later. On the positive side, this is one of the best influences for success in artistic expression. You will probably get a lot of wonderful ideas along with a desire to express yourself. By taking up some form of expression, you can greatly minimize any of the worrisome effects of this energetic influence.


There is an indication of financial success this month, this success may also be a result of someone’s ill-fortune. Money can come from claiming insurance or it can also come from inheritance. The money brings a fair amount of responsibility as well. In a few cases, it may result in delayed earning or success because of the ill health of yours or others. If you are into the health-care or healing profession, this is a positive month for you. The lowest manifestation of this energetic influence is obsession or preoccupation with money that keeps you in a state of illusion. Money comes through action, this action can be verbal or physical. Please ensure you do not cross moral/ethical boundaries or get into any illegal dealings for the sake of money. This is also a positive period for those who are in the training/coaching profession, where addressing large groups is concerned.


This month you are sailing on the wave of creativity and self-expression. You are filled with youthful energy irrespective of your age and you should make good use of it for any creative or mental projects you are associated with. A very positive period for motivational speakers, teachers, artists, and anyone associated with work that involves creative expression. Any work you initiate now will have some transformative effect on your life and you will be lifted to a new level of thinking. An exposure to spiritual or new age philosophy will have added benefits. This month is going to be very powerful and productive, the ideas and inspirations you get now will be futuristic and if you work on it constructively it will take you to greater heights. Your mind is attuned to very high vibrations now, because of this you may have some psychic experiences. Avoid indulging in alcohol & drugs, this will have an adverse effect during this high tide. It is advised that you maintain open friendship now if anyone wants to walk out of your life it is for your own good. Let them go and move on. Also, ground yourself regularly by walking barefoot in nature.


This month, the top priority is your close relationships, including lovers, business partners, or closest friends. Your closest circle is playing some role in your life. You are either missing the company of your friends or connecting with them after a long time. Either way, this will be a very positive month of meeting and sharing happy times. There is an energetic influence of “Love affair”, you may end up expressing your feelings to someone with whom you had a secret crush. Or, you may get involved in a secret love affair. This period brings relationships that are aggressive, stimulating, and intense. Over-aggressiveness could lead to quarreling and disruptive experiences though this is a good influence for sexual pleasure. Control this surge of energy and you could reap its more positive aspects. The exploitation of sexual energy may lead you to uncomfortable social situations, so be careful.


This is a very positive period and there is a good energetic influence for satisfying emotional and intellectual relationships, especially with men. If you are a woman, you can expect a happy family life and some good news from home. This is the month where there is mental satisfaction in any project you undertake at work and you will also feel stability in work relationships. Aggressive pursuits of education and friendships will bring rewards during this period. Mental activity can be successfully applied in work, especially in the areas of organization, efficiency, and practicality. This is also a very good time to plan, spend time on career planning. Overall, a very happy period for you. Just watch out for the tendency towards the fixed mental attitude that might alienate you from others. Be a good listener, listen carefully to what others want to say, any way you will end up doing what you have in your mind.


This month will present a financial challenge from an investment, credit card payment, or loss due to a bad investment. This could also be a result of a legal matter, an argument, gambling, or speculation. Your own aggressive nature and impatience could have played a major role in this. At the root of any money, problems will be a fear of poverty and attachment to money plans. Take responsibility for your core attitudes and you could turn this adversity into unexpected prosperity. This could also be a month when you realize your own attachments towards money. Whether it is about money, plans to make money, or love, situations will present themselves that test our faith in the abundance of the universe. By realizing and then releasing our fears, we can transform our attachment into total fearlessness and personal freedom. Adopt the attitude of gratitude, be thankful for what you have, and be open for more to come.


This month your intuition will be much higher than normal. Many bits of information may seem to come to you about your family or work. Your mental power is also heightened. This power of the mind can bring success at work or with friends, especially females. Your love is more inclusive without boundaries of judgment. This month you will experience the higher side of love, motherly in nature. You will be more receptive, avoid becoming overly emotional about situations or people. Your heart chakra is open, there is an entirely new way of looking at things particularly in the area of love. Since the energy this month is highly feminine, you will see the other side of the story in every situation you face during this period. If you are a man, you should embrace your feminine side, help your spouse in cooking, gardening, or go with her shopping. You will learn how to be patient and calm. The lower side of this vibration is people become overly sensitive and may get irritated even for silly matters.


There is an indication of success in any public related activity, it can be working with a group of people for a common cause of group learning and skill-enhancing training. The social success indicated this month only comes when you do not operate as an introvert and get out of any fear or inferiority complex to get involved actively. Another manifestation of energetic influence is there are possible family functions or social gatherings, for some auspicious/religious purpose. There are higher chances of recovery from any health issues now. If you are an employee, this month blesses you with some kind of recognition and reward. Also, for business owners, this is the month to increase your marketing and promotional activities and reach a larger mass with your new products and services. Aggressively pursuing friendships and relationships should bring you success and happiness under this influence and this is certainly the time to take an active role in all social and personal situations. A great influence for performers and artists and those dealing with the public.


This month brings financial success through the spreading of knowledge or by doing some sort of spiritual teaching. Also, this period will bring the culmination of a project or way of making money that was started some time ago. The completion will bring you more of what you truly want out of life. Some of your best chances for success now lie in applying a universal and giving approach to your work while recognizing the power of your own mind. Don’t resist any endings or completions that may occur during this month. They will quickly bring you a new beginning with much better things in store for you. On the lower side, you will get hurt at an emotional level only if you are too much attached to one person or certain belief systems like morality.


During this period, you may experience health-related issues due to accidents related to water, drugs, alcohol, or traveling. Do not use your phone while driving and pay extra attention. Something is running in your mind which is draining your energy, your consciousness is getting drifted off from the present moment from time to time. Live in the now, most of the things that you worry about are just projections of a negative mind. The possibility of hidden illness or disappointment is also present. It is entirely possible that a long-time cherished dream, relationship, or occupation of yours could come to an end or be lost during this period. This could be something that you have been worrying about losing from time to time this year. Don't be afraid or disappointed, what's going out is making way for something new. Whether it is a job or a relationship, everything that has a beginning has an end. Involve yourself in charity work, volunteering for a cause, etc.


This month brings challenges in love and feelings in your close relationships. You may feel let down or betrayed by those whom you love. The universe is testing your attachments to others. Your own feelings of need for other’s approval about your life is the main focus. The powerful spiritual energy of unconditional love is expecting you to change your methods or approach towards your love life. It is expecting you to adopt a more selfless or unattached attitude towards all your relationships particularly loved ones. If we allow others to be who they are and not place so many demands upon them, we not only become more aware of their true personalities but also allow ourselves the freedom to be just who we are. Free of fear and attachment. If you align yourself with this powerful energetic influence, it can bring the opening of your heart and experience of unconditional love. If you are planning for a vacation, it may not happen as expected. You have the power to look inside yourself and make meaningful evaluations. Challenge your own fantasies in the name of truth and love.

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