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Mystical Astrology: May 2021 Predictions

Find Your Number

If your date of birth is 28-10-1987,

Your "Birth Number" is (2+8) = 1 and

Your "Life Path Number" is (2+8+1+0+1+9+8+7) = 9

If you get 11, 22, 33 do not reduce it to a single-digit

Please read both Birth & Life Path Numbers


This is a month filled with a lot of completions. Any project you were involved in which was taking too much of your time and effort will come to an end, something that you have been waiting for. This is going to be a positive ending and benefits everyone who is involved. This month blesses you with affluence. Spending or investing a large sum of money is indicated. Even if you don’t have money, money will flow into your hands by some or other means. Be positive and believe in the law of abundance. Any negative mindset will spoil the game and will result in a huge loss. Extravagant tastes and poor judgment with money can cause financial loss to the point of discomfort. This is also a very good period to involve in charity work. Donate your time and effort for a cause without expectations. Any existing job or occupation can come to an end now, but this is the best thing that could happen to you and everyone else who is in your life. Do not resist any endings that occur now, you will be depriving yourself of the wonderful changes that are moving you to a new and better stage of your life.


Your intuition is very high this month, learn to trust it. This month is going to be a pleasant period. You will be spending more time with loved ones at family functions, community gatherings are possibilities (follow COVID rules). If you are planning a trip, it may not happen as you wish. It is better to push it for next month. As I said earlier, your intuition is strong and it will be available for the pursuit of knowledge or spiritual goals and may bring some valuable self-knowledge and understanding. This is a very good time for inner development and simply enjoying the things you have worked for and acquired. This is not a favorable time for any kind of business expansion or even major changes in your life. Another major influence is you could discover or deepen your life's purpose. All that is required is for you to tune in to your thoughts and feelings, especially when you are alone or meditating.


There is powerful creative and spiritual force gathering in you or in your environment. Most often people get initiated into spirituality during this period. You are at a stage in your life where you are ready to take complete ownership of how you lead your life. You know there is a pattern, you are tired of repetitiveness and you need to get out of the pattern to elevate your thinking. This realization will lead you to the path of spirituality or in search of a Guru. There is a Buddhist proverb “When the student is ready, the teacher appears”. This teacher can appear in any form, Do not hold onto an image or idea of a master. Even kindergarten kids possess the energy of a master, they constantly teach us how to be happy with tiny little things which our adult brain considers irrelevant. When it comes to money, you should use the creative force that you are blessed with to come up with new ways of marketing or promoting yourself as well as your product/services. If you are an employee, go through the SOPs and see how can you make it better by eliminating non-value-added steps.


This is a favorable month in the area of money. There is an energetic surge of business savviness that can be used in your career. There is some kind of mastery over your actions and also on emotions. This is the month to expand your business or ask for a pay hike. This is a favorable month to promote your goods and services. You may even come up with new ways of making money that is completely radical in nature. Also, this month makes you more generous and you may end up donating some money for a worthy cause. If you are into social service or running an NGO, you may also expect a good amount of donation pouring in. Please keep an eye on your expenditure as well, as the expansive nature of this energy may push you into buying something out of impulse. If you get attracted to ancient mysteries or the occult, it is recommended that you explore more. Maybe there is a message from the spirit realm that you need to know now.


There is an indication of success in any activity that involves the public, it can be working with a group of people for a common cause of group learning and skill-enhancing training. The social success indicated this month only comes when you do not operate as an introvert and get out of any fear or inferiority complex to get involved actively. Another manifestation of energetic influence is there are possible family functions or social gatherings, for some auspicious/religious purpose. There are higher chances of recovery from any health issues now. If you are an employee, this month blesses you with some kind of recognition and reward. Also, for business owners, this is the month to increase your marketing and promotional activities and reach a larger mass with your new products and services. Aggressively pursuing friendships and relationships should bring you success and happiness under this influence and this is certainly the time to take an active role in all social and personal situations. A great influence for performers and artists and those dealing with the public.


There is a lot of sexual enjoyment visible during this period, filled with fun and fulfillment of romantic fantasies. This is also a good influence on marriage and the birth of a child. Marriage during this period would be one marked by a considerable amount of aggressiveness and sexual energy. For married ones, this passion could turn into anger if not handled carefully. You can achieve much now with the application of emotional and social power, and charm. This month also blesses you with a considerable amount of motherly power, you tend to care about your loved ones more than usual and this may cause some irritation to your partner. This is a very positive period for those who work with charitable organizations, orphanages, and animal welfare organizations. The only lower side of this influence is people tend to get over emotional and moody. So, stay strong and if you ever feel like expressing your emotions then take a pen and write a poem or a story and release all emotions through words on a paper.


There is a clear indication of a change of lifestyle, health, travel related to work, and moving to a new location, this could be a new workplace or home in a different city. Working with male superiors may feel like a pain in the butt, mainly because of their dominating and controlling nature. Try to remain calm, don't let the restlessness ruin relationships. There is the wave of change, a desire to break away from a pattern or routine. Take some time off and go on a long drive or trip to the beach to relax. It doesn't mean that you are escaping reality, you are just energizing to work effectively. A short break will fill you up with the necessary energy to handle whatever situation throws at you with ease. If something is not working in your life, this month will force you to quit and move on. This could be strained relationships or work, you have a choice not to suffer. Do not live in the illusion of obligations. Your only obligation in this life is, to live happily.


This month blesses you with a desire for Knowledge. This very desire can lead to professional and material success in the coming months. A new idea or plan for business or financial success will have good consequences now. Follow your impulses to start something new and see what happens. May be time has come to share all your great ideas through the proper channel. During the surge of this energy, people realize that they cannot expect the entire world to accept the language they speak. This very realization will make them learn new ways of communicating so that they can talk the language that gets the work done. The negative manifestation of this influence will make people over-ambitious and egoistic. This could undermine the chances of success. One should take it slow, digest the information bit by bit than rushing with impatience. Learning is not a race to be won, it is a process. Also, please ground yourself. Too much information may cause your brain overactive causing sleeplessness. Meditation and Pranayams will be of great help.


There is a considerable financial success this month and also success in dealing with groups of people in some financial way. If you are a business owner, it is recommended that this month you should reach out to a bigger mass or expand your operation. Any business expansion this month will work in your favor and result in a huge return. A large sum of money changing hands, usually into your hands. You may receive a loan from the bank or you may get a good return on your investments. Sound business sense and good luck are on your side, and you will prefer the company of successful and like-minded people. This positive influence will help those who have their own business or who are in a leadership position in an organization where their decision makes or breaks a deal. If you are an employee, you can expect a pay hike or cash reward for your contribution to your organization. On the lower side, if you don’t convert your ideas or plans into action you will spend the whole month thinking about becoming rich and waste all the support provided by the universe.


This the month of many changes, your mind and your plans are bound to change multiple times. There is a desperate need for change, and this is a bit of a negative influence as desperation comes from the vibration level of “not having”. This could lead to indecision and restlessness. This often results in moving to a new city, country, or new home. This is NOT the month to take any major decisions, as there is a sure chance that you will regret it after a couple of months. You should avoid getting into any kind of arguments this month, mostly with men who are elder to you or at a senior position in your workplace. Everyone is fighting their own demons, just like you. So do not take any words that may sound harsh seriously, forgive and keep calm. Please keep in mind, any decisions taken in haste may threaten your relationships or your security in some way. Do not hold on to what YOU think is right. Be open to new ideas, new plans, and new places to go. If your current environment is absolutely unbearable physically or emotionally, it is wise to move to a calmer place.


This will be the month of the settling of accounts, usually takes the form of repayment of financial debts and sometimes in terms of 'value'. This powerful influence encourages you to unburden yourself by paying off all that you owe and also if anyone owes money, you should put pressure on getting it back this month. Don't be harsh at the same time, use a diplomatic approach to get your money back. This month also encourages you to make compromises where the money is concerned and take full responsibility for your debts and actions that involve the exchange of value. Avoid speculation and gambling during this period. Any compromises and adjustments related to business this month work in your favor in the long run. So be smart, think big. This is also a very positive time for charity work. Please give a certain portion of your profit to a worthy cause.


This month brings some sudden knowledge or information that has enormous value for you now. You will feel more powerful than usual with the arrival of this new information. This piece of information can be related to new technology, work or employee relationships, or real estate. Any meetings regarding these will be of great success during this period. You can also expect success in all mental fields, which involves the power of thoughts and speech, also educational goals. This is also a month that brings success in the area of education, volunteering/humanitarian work, psychic development or metaphysics, real estate, and also some high-end advanced technology. You have access to advanced or unusual knowledge that may also help you in your career/goals. It is almost certain that this period brings a fair amount of success and prosperity if you put the knowledge into action with complete focus on the desired objective or goal.

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