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Mystical Astrology: March 2021 Predictions

Find Your Number

If your date of birth is 28-10-1987,

Your "Birth Number" is (2+8) = 1 and

Your "Life Path Number" is (2+8+1+0+1+9+8+7) = 9

If you get 11, 22, 33 do not reduce it to a single-digit

Please read both Birth & Life Path Numbers


There is an element of restlessness in your heart that can manifest in many ways. At the deepest level, there is dissatisfaction with your current relationship or home situation and a desire for some sort of change. This restlessness at an energetic level often results in a change of location or living environment or change of lifestyle. There will be sudden changes in feelings towards someone you love and/or unexpected trips because of loved ones. Your own need for personal freedom combined with the restlessness of the heart will manifest as a solo trip or you may feel like running away from everything and everyone. The highest manifestation of this energetic influence is embracing newness, getting out of your comfort zone and meeting new people, sharing your ideas about your dreams and ambitions. You can make important contacts during this period if you are willing to step out and get involved in groups of like-minded people or community activities.


This month blesses you with mental power, the ability to focus one’s mind on a goal. Any work that got dragged for whatever reason from the past few months may see its fruition this month. If you are taking any competitive exam, you are very likely to crack it. Stay positive and believe, you will achieve. There is success indicated where groups of males are involved, some sort of male gathering or male-dominated organization. This is a very good period for politicians, social activists, and those who work with a group of people for a cause or mission, and those who are in a leadership position in any organization. If you are involved in any legal hurdle, it is very likely that you will win the case. This is a very positive period for those who are ambitious, determined and have a specific goal in mind. On the negative side, there is a tendency for verbal arguments and fights. You must guard your anger and stubbornness. You will end up achieving what you want as long as you stay calm and use your brain rather than your voice.


There is an energetic influence of self-mastery, mastering the Self. Some kind of upgrade that is going to happen at the level of consciousness if you are ready for it. The month may reveal some secrets about why you failed in the past and may open up new possibilities in the field of mind and spirit. You may have arrived at the stage in life that you have realized unless you correct the source code or the core programming of your mind there will always be a void, a feeling of emptiness. Maybe you know everything already but still, find yourself in a loop or pattern that is repeating itself right in front of your eyes and you are unable to get out of it because you are so attached with your existing self or fear of losing the known. The only way out is through complete surrender. On the material plane, everything should be running smooth. This is a very successful period for those who are involved in counseling and healing practices. If you are in a leadership role in any organization, your words will be valued and accepted without much resistance.


This month blesses you with a considerable amount of financial power. The power to make money is yours. Financial power comes in many ways, you could earn or borrow but there will be money in your account to get what you want this month. Be clear about how much you want and be realistic. Success is guaranteed if you focus on the values and making better choices that will bring benefits to all who are involved. If you have been thinking of buying real estate property or some gadget that will help your business, you can do it this month and it will be a worthy investment. Some unexpected opportunities may show up, like a plot for sale or an apartment for sale and a very lucrative deal that you don’t want to miss. Take legal opinion before you proceed, don’t rush in haste. If you are into the earth or metal-related business, you can positively make use of this month by expanding your products and services to other markets.


This month you are blessed with very creative and youthful energy. The powerful mentally creative energy should be used in the creation of new art/literature or products/services based on your area of work. This is a very positive period for anyone involved in the art and entertainment sector. Your communication is very polished now and you know the secret to influence people with your words. You are also being facilitated by this powerful energy into new ways of thinking and being. Most people get inclined towards spirituality during this period. This very newness will take you towards knowledge that has a transformative effect on your life. Success is guaranteed, it is up to you how you will make it happen. If you have been thinking of exploring opportunities in the area of publishing, public speaking, please make use of this month. If you are involved in any legal issues, your impatient words may cause disruption and the lawyer may deny working on your case. You may feel a bit awkward working with men during this month as they will be the source of your discomfort.


There is an indication of money being spent on unnecessary things, mostly for fun and luxury. Please pay attention to where it is flowing and what sort of need this outward flow of money is fulfilling. Are you spending it to cover your emotional instability? or Is there a craving for ego glorification that usually happens when you spend money on friends or lovers? Or maybe you lived in a tight financial situation for a few months and all of sudden you have seen an increase in bank balance that has caused a sudden feeling of being rich. Whatever is your situation, respect money. You may feel extravagant on the outside but deep within you know there is emotional insecurity and desire to be loved. Your true fears will be exposed now and you will have to deal with your inner feeling of insecurity about money and love. It is recommended that you reach out to a counselor or a healer if you are going through any kind of inner conflict. You may have six-packs for display but Mind health should be given top priority now.


This month blesses you with a considerable amount of emotional power, charm, and personal magnetism. This power should be used to bring success in activities that mainly involve a group of people such as acting or sales activities, particularly where males predominate. The dynamic nature will contribute to your success in social and business endeavors during this period. Be careful that you don't overdo the social scene to the detriment of either your health and your work. You need to focus all your energy on your goals this month and success is guaranteed. This is the month to shine, don’t hide in your comfort zone, and reach out to people. If you are in sales, marketing, or any kind of promotional business then accelerate & expand your activities this month for best results. There is also considerable healing power at your disposal. You can use it to heal old emotional wounds of yours or your loved ones. It is recommended that you keep your bodily urges in control particularly when you are dealing with the opposite sex at work.


There is an indication of financial success this month. If you have been waiting for a promotion or some kind of pay hike in your organization then you can expect some intonation this month. This is also a very positive period for the business that involves women, art, and beauty products. If you have business ideas and would like to start a new venture, there are sure chances of finding some angel investors. It is a good time to start your own business if you are mentally ready for it. Don’t worry much about the finances, it will be taken care of. This is also a very favorable month for those in the entertainment industry, reach out to people with your talent and market yourself on online platforms. Please note the success this month is certain if you have strong values and vision. Do not let go of any opportunity this month, give it a blind shot if you must but don’t shy away.


This is a very successful month for you, particularly if you are in a business that involves products or services for men. Any aggressive pursuit of financial goals could bring huge returns and somehow you intuitively know what sells. At the same time, it may be very hard for you to slow down and control your expenditure. You should watch out for impulsive shopping for expensive items this month. Exercise delayed gratification, whatever you want to buy if you can delay it by a month then you may realize it was the best decision you made. It is recommended that you channel all your impatience towards your work and getting things done quickly and efficiently. This is a positive period to be involved in humanitarian causes and work to raise funds.


This month, you will either be exposed to spiritual knowledge, the knowledge of the self or you will be challenged to let go of the mental attitudes/belief system that is keeping you trapped in a lower state of vibration. Any challenges in business or finances during this period can be traced to negative attitudes or self-limiting plans and ideas. This is the right time to expand your thinking and elevate your thoughts for both financial and personal success. Spiritual knowledge that you get exposed to during this period will help you in more ways than you can imagine. You will attain high states of realization, an upgrade in consciousness level is very much possible. It is highly recommended that you grab some self-help books and keep yourself busy reading or listening to motivational audios. The universe is sending very strong signals; it is time to break all walls of limitation that ego has constructed and set yourself free.


This month may bring a secret journey, or secret uncovered on a journey, or secret information about a distant interest. Your intuition will be very strong during this month and you may also desire to uncover things about your past lives. When I say secret journey, this can also be a journey inward deep into your subconscious mind. You may also get involved in the study and practice of esoteric knowledge and mystical wisdom. There is some sort of death happening at the ego level, this could lead to spiritual transformation. If you have strongly identified yourself with ego, you may feel heartbroken. There is also a chance of starting a new job, this will be in a completely new field not related to your educational background or college degree. Please keep in mind, a desire to delve into the deepest part of yourself is likely to be well-rewarded. Overall this will be a month of death and rebirth, one of the powerful influences for spiritual transformation.


There is an indication of money being spent on the home, luxury, or women-related items. If you overdo it, you may not have much left for other needs. If you can see it clearly, your spending pattern might be a reflection of inner restlessness. There is a strong craving for immediate gratification. Relationship problems could arise now due to financial reasons as well. Many of your financial problems may be related to your close relationships or your desire to live a lifestyle of luxury. Your extravagant spending may not sit well with others during this period. There is also some kind of ending indicated, it can be something very close to your heart. You may lose someone or something that you have valued too much. The more you resist letting go, the higher will be the pain. This pain may start another cycle of exploitation of health as you may indulge more in medication or alcohol. Let go and go with the flow is the mantra for you this month.

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