Asharira (अशरीर) : disembodied, that which has no physical body and can be translated into a “Spirit”.

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Happy Friendship Day!

Can you imagine a world without friends? Who are they? Why do they arrive in your life?

These questions bothered me for a long time, why certain people make you feel belonged? trigger magical vibrations of love, faith, trust and peace in you where as few people do exactly the opposite. One is called "friend" and the other "enemy". I have had instances when there was complete change in these vibrations and some of my friends became enemies (frenemy) and enemies became friends.

As I started contemplating about why's and how's of the game of friendship and enmity, it went to a stage where I could no longer separate both of them. For one to exist, the existence of the other was absolute essential. Now, I was no longer holding on to mere words. I wanted to go back and re-look at my life with this thought. Most interesting part I discovered during this process is, how friends and enemies shaped my life. Friends who stood by and supported me and even carried my burden as theirs for a while, it is enemies who caused the shift in my consciousness, who made me go one step up. As friends accepted me the way I was, it was enemies who made me change and forced me to embrace the change. As friends were the reasons for comfort, enemies became reason for newness. May be it is not about my life, it happens in everyone's life!

Friendship happens, you can't force it but can make an attempt for it to "happen". Similarly, you can't force enmity too but you can make an attempt for it "not to happen". A natural process which sparks certain emotions within us which makes us to tag people with names. Sweet/Positive emotions leads to Friendship, Bitter/Negative emotions leads to enmity. Neither of them are stagnant, they are continuously happening. A bitter sweet Symphony.

Ancient Shamans knew that there are no enemies, and those whom we call enemies are friends (in the spirit realm) who are causing the transformation within us. And their existence is essential for the drama of life. It is only because of their existence today we know the value of friendship.

As you celebrate friendship day by sending those beautiful messages, tagging and thanking your friends for all their support, please send gratitude to your enemies too for their contribution to your life.

Happy Sailing, Enjoy the Journey!