Asharira (अशरीर) : disembodied, that which has no physical body and can be translated into a “Spirit”.

Meta-Predictions Based on Your “Number”

What's my number?!

Each of us have two numbers based on our birthday. The basic number which defines your personality is your birthday, if your birthday is 24th then you are number 6 (2+4).

The other number which is called Life Path number which defines how you live your life. If you are born on 24th February 1991, then your Life Path number is 1 (2+4+2+1+9+9+1 = 28 = 2+8 = 1). You have to keep adding till you arrive at a single digit.

Only one exception here is if you get 11, 22 or 33, you don’t need to reduce it to single digit. 11,22,33 are called Master Numbers and have their own unique strength and weakness. 33 is very rare and only appears as Life Path Number.

How to interpret?

If both life path number and your birthday number are same, just read that particular number. And If they are different then you need to read predictions for both numbers.


Number 1 - The Leader

This year the focus is on business, if you are in the corporate sector you can consider it as the year of leading projects and getting things done by hook or crook. A lot of effort will be spent in acquiring necessary knowledge to lead business/project. Be careful not to be stubborn with your own idea and let others also contribute their knowledge and be open to receive inputs as this will only help you to expand your knowledge base. You love competition and this year you will have fair share of it. Your love to be a leader is heard and you will get support from your superiors or business partners. The year will be filled with lot of creative ideas to make money. Just ensure you don’t become one eyed king, and see what you want to see and ignore the rest.

Your own unwillingness to compromise can bring hurdles in the relationships. Avoid to dominate to maintain healthy balanced relation with spouse and peers. It is better to keep the business and love separately.


Success in business*Promotion*Leader*Power*Achievement*Stubbornness*Dominance*Conflict

Message from the Masters: Be Dharmic, remember that you are on a path. Take one step at a time to Happiness. Make wise use of your power and let the beautiful lotus in you bloom one petal at a time.

Number 2 - The Peacemaker

This is the year of Karmic payback. Remember the law of cause and effect? What we sow, we shall reap, good or ill. A lot of fated events will occur this year which clearly has to do something that you have done in previous year or years. It may feel like nothing is in your control this year, as if everything is happening without your consent. If you have helped someone with money or did any favor which changed their life for good, this year they will return it back. The year will teach you biggest lessons that you have not learnt already, through the law of karma. A year where you learn about what does it mean to be responsible. It can be a responsible Spouse, Parent, Friend or Employee. You cannot go back and change the events that have already happened, but you can carefully dissect and analyze what made you to do that. A lot of soul searching is in store if you look at the situation positively. Avoid the road of escapism and getting lost in fantasies.

You cannot stop thinking about love and romance this year, but there will be ups and downs. There is also a chance that you may feel attracted to many and hard to control your urges to be with them. You will get attracted to the wit and intelligence.


Karmic Year*Multiple Love Affairs*Indecision*Fantasy*Recognition*Escapism*Family*Responsibility

Message from the Masters: Express your driving Passion with integrity so that it will elevate you spiritually. There is an increase Sensual and Sexual Powers, use it wisely without causing discomfort to others.

Number 3 - The Creative Child

This will be the year of great fulfillment, great loss or both. It all depends on how you perceive life events this year. This is the year to move on, there will be separation from the loved ones and some might even depart from your life. Please note everything that has a beginning, has an end. This is one of such year which is marked with destined endings. You may feel ripped apart if you are holding on to a person or situation as it is not happening the way YOU want. This is a year of graduation from one level of understanding of life to another level. Financial losses cannot be ruled out either, this loss is somewhat related to your health or love. Time to let go, seek guidance from counselors and avoid self-help. Even though this year is marked with many disappointments, there is a chance for spiritual growth. Ask questions like why me, why now and seek for answers which may liberate you from the self-constructed prison of ego

You may achieve highest level of fulfillment in the matter of love or great loss. Divorce from your spouse cannot be ruled out and also meeting with your twin-flame cannot be ruled out either. Please note love is not one time act, it is an ongoing process. If you plant a seed and do not create necessary ambiance, seed will not sprout. Love is an ambiance, which nurtures the relations.


Separation*Sickness*Loss*Liberation*Spirituality*Letting Go*Twin-Flame*Heart Breaks

Message from the Masters: Seek the truth and follow your Intuition, Your Third Eye chakra is opening. Look beyond what your naked eyes can see and be hopeful.

Number 4 - The Pillar (Foundation)

This year will be filled with lot of creativity and unlimited potential, you may indulge in creating your own product and services for the benefit of the people you care. On the other side, if you do not channelize this creative force in a proper direction, you may find yourself restless. Find that path and express yourself to reap the benefit of this amazing force. You may also get a calling from Metaphysics, Occult, Shamanism etc., if so..go for it. Your mind is equipped with penetrating the secrets of the universe and you will do good in this area. This year, you will know what is right and what is wrong for you.

It is just the fear of change which is making you stagnant. If you are in the entertainment industry, this year will reap many benefits mainly due to your creativity. This year you may be travelling to promote products of yours and meeting lot of like-minded people. You may go through lot of mood swings and easily get irritated this year. Don’t be so sentimental.

When it comes to love, you are not in a position to settle with one now. You may be handling two or more affairs at the same time. You just want to sexually explore more and not satisfied with one. Your own insecurity with the commitment might be the reason. You may avoid or postpone marriage because of this reason. Try to see things with your spiritual eyes than the physical ones, you may discover something that you haven’t been expecting.


Creativity*Insecurity*Restlessness *Travel*Occult*Romance*Marketing*

Message from the Masters: This is your chance to soar. Time to face your fear in the eye. Note, fear is an energy and it can be changed. When the fear leaves, it space will be filled with courage.

Number 5 - The Wanderer

The year of revelations about life and truth, this year will be marked with many mini revelations as you release your attachment to some preconceived ideas and notions. Time to let go many negative patterns that you have constructed over years of perception if you really want to achieve most in this year. You will reach heights of recognition if do not hold on to your beliefs and go with the flow. Also, this is going to be the year of sexual enjoyment, ensure you don’t drain all your energy in romantic pursuits. A major cycle in your life as come to an end, every end has a new beginning. You should work on contributing to the world with the knowledge you possess. It will surely reap many benefits this year, including surge in money and status. Do not let the pursuit of money spoil your spiritual values. A balance is required between material and spiritual values. Worry will be the prime reason for health this year.

Honesty and Integrity should be given priority. Focus your mental power and stick to the philosophy of higher purpose. Marriage is seen as a burden now, you are escaping from the commitment somehow. Extra marital affairs, scandals are also possible. So, be careful this may ruin your reputation and will cause real pain. A major heart break, love separation or a divorce is on the cards.


Higher Purpose*Spirituality*Revelations*Separation*Heart Break*Loss of Reputation*Health Issues.

Message from the Masters: A divine intervention is taking place at this time, what is occurring in your life is providing a real learning curve for your soul. Know that you are being guided and Happiness is your purpose.

Number 6 - The Caretaker

This year there is an increased desire for love and money. This drive for both love and money is going to cause restlessness. You cannot have both at a time, time to make your choice. If you focus in one direction, you will lose yourself in that particular task and end up achieving the most. Try to be patient and don’t be selfish. You are kind-hearted and hate to see suffering. You may end up making lot of donations towards charity this year. New job is on the cards this year or new business startup. There is also a tendency to be like a dictator, ruthless and determined. Please note that you can only achieve more if you take everyone along with you. Be considerate towards others emotional challenges also.

You may be working on two jobs at a time this year. Somehow you want to see your bank balance going up and money flow from multiple sources is the goal. There is also a possibility of making money through travel to foreign countries. If your interest is flowing towards psychic pursuits, metaphysics then it is good to explore as it will give bigger picture about life and beyond.

You may also involve in long distance love affair as physical presence of your spouse may hinder your progress in your career.


New Job*Travel*Long Distance Relation*Multiple Source of Income*Dictator*Impatient*Selfish

Message from the Masters: You have an opportunity to overcome past pain, heartbreak and let-downs. The cave of your heart is opening wide for you to experience divine love. Give and Receive Love, Balance.

Number 7 - The Seeker

This will be a year of spending on luxury products which you may end up regretting later. At times, you may feel like a psychic, you know somehow what is going to happen next or what the other person must be thinking. Do not over think, go with the flow. You are overly sensitive this year and easily get hurt because of this nature. People may also complain that you act like an authority figure and control freak. Greater success is indicated if you are involved with Psychic field, Astrology, Tarot where intuition plays vital role. There might be some sacrifice you have to do for the sake of your kids this year, this can result in change of plans or even dropping of that precious idea that you want to give shape to.

You are more creative now and any job involving creativity will reap rewards. You may also be working in more than one job this year. You are naturally inclined towards nurturing and motivating people.

There will be difficulty in the marriage, your spouse may complain a lot about your behavior towards her or him. If you apply energy that you are blessed with now, there will be harmony in all relations. You just have to take motherly approach in all aspects that irritates you, like how a mother forgives and unconditionally loves her kids.


Spendthrift*Luxury*Sacrifice*Authority*Issues in Marriage*Psychic*Motivation

Message from the Masters: Truth is being revealed, a lot of information is being downloaded from astral realms. Spend time in contemplation and ask the Universe what you really need to know.

Number 8 - Power & Balance

This will the year where you will meet your Karmic soul twin. An unusual love affair may surface and cause mental torture particularly if you live in the boundary of morals. You may feel the whole world is unable to understand what is going inside you except one person who is your twin flame. An extra care is required in the communication, be as clear as possible your words might be misinterpreted by people. Please note that there has to be a balance between spiritual love and realities of life. Money and business are in good condition and will continue to improve. You have a charisma that will settle all conflicts and you may end up mediating many conflicts this year. People will listen to your diplomatic and unbiased approach.

If you are looking for a business partner to expand your dream, you are likely to meet this person in the year 2017. Partnership will boost your business to the next level. Please do not mix up partnership with Love. Also, keep all the accounts clear, do not assume that the other person knows what is in your mind.

Financial issues might crop up here and there, but you know how to deal with them with ease. A study in Metaphysics will bring more positive guidance and fulfillment.


Partnership*Karmic Love Affair*Twin Flames*Psychic*Peace Maker*Communication

Message from the Masters: Do what you feel right, an important lesson is unfolding. Act from the heart, see the other person’s point of view and surrender your pride. If you have made mistake, admit it.

Number 9 - Universal Awareness

It is going to be an amazing year if you are involved with sales and promotional activities in your career. You can sell anything to anyone this year with your sharp, cleaver and witty charm. All kind of creative pursuits will also yield many benefits. There will be an inclination towards spiritual values of life and you will operate mostly out of your instincts. Be careful about how much you reveal to people, particularly if you are a psychic. People may get scared at that accuracy of your predictions.

If you are in the entertainment industry, fasten your seat belts. You going for a ride this year, name and fame comes easily. Also, this sudden fame can hinder your freedom. If you are working in corporate sector, you may feel suffocated by the pressure and may be planning to get out and create something of your own.

Even if you are old, there is a teenager in you who is very much alive and want to explore life for fun. Take a matured approach, you will get much success that you hoped for. Dream big.

Marriage is not in your mind this year, may be because you love freedom. If you get an ideal partner who appreciate that freedom, then you don’t mind to settle down with him/her.



Message from the Master: Choose to be Love. Do what is right for everyone involved and offer help. Note that everyone is operating with their best intention. Move into compassion and develop greater understanding.

Number 11 - The Master Psychic

This is going to be year of mental accomplishment, of course you will work hard for it. Wherever your focus is set, you will make it happen. The masculine power is more now, even you are a female your mind is operating like a man. There is a desire for more knowledge, you may end up enrolling for a college degree or even a part time course to upgrade your skills. Sleeplessness is very common during this time as the mind is busy with so many calculations.

This year is going to be a year of experimentation, you may change quick jobs and undecided about what to do with life. This happens when you have lot of options, it is hard to choose. Success in acting, arts, spiritual subjects is indicated. Be honest, you may tend to take easy and controversial path to success which will only give you pain in the later days.

If you want to reach out to bigger mass to showcase your talent, now is the time. But the challenge is in making up your mind. If you are looking at long term relation this year, it is going to be bit challenging. There is thirst for love and love has its own truth which you must contend. A frequent change in partners cannot be ruled out.


Mental accomplishment*Hard work*Masculine Power*Relationship Challenges*Change of Jobs & Partners

Message from the Masters: You must choose loving thoughts, Love is yours and recognize your divine worth. Accept yourself and be hopeful, everything will fall into its place magically.

Number 22 - The Master Builder

This is the year of confusion and duality. At times, you may feel like an alien among your own close friends and so helpless. Even though you are mentally well equipped to evaluate and analyze the things you observe, there is a layer of doubt. You may have to work hard to get things done this year. The best possible thing to do now is, pack your bags and hit the road. Take a sabbatical from your work, just get lost in the woods or hilly terrain or beaches whichever attracts you more. Time to spend some time in sweet solitude. Do not worry about the security, most people do not live their life to the fullest because of the insecurity.

You may come up with ideas and thoughts, keep a journal and write down. And you may end up meeting someone who is just like you. This will give some confidence that you are not alone, there are many “wild” souls who are in the pursuit of joy and freedom.

It is good to give and receive, it is a two-way lane. Give love to receive love. The craving for freedom should be appreciated by your spouse to maintain healthy relation. If you have got one who is your kind, this is going to be one memorable year in love or else, the worst one.

Don’t surprised if you discover that your love interests are changing, Love is simply Love. If you feel you are inclined towards same sex or even both sexes, let it be. Don’t judge yourself and waste time in worrying. Simply embrace that part of you, everything is fine and will be. Maybe it is the time to go beyond the boundaries of the body and fall in love with the soul.


Confusions*Self Doubt*Insecurity*Rebellion*Love Interests*Higher Purpose

Message from the Masters: Your soul consciousness is expanding. Understand the connection between all things. There are no accidents.

Number 33 - The Master Teacher

If you were planning to write that book you have been thinking, now is the time. There is so much energy to express your thoughts and words will beautifully flow. A very good year for writers, performers, teachers. Time to share your knowledge and teach those skills that you have tried and tested. Avoid negativity of poverty or loss consume your energy. Stay positive and try to involve in volunteering activities as this will bring happiness that you have been craving for.

A very good year for business owners and entrepreneurs. You will expand your business and work force this year to meet demand. A year of profit for Producers and Directors from the movie industry.

Emotional losses when it comes love is clearly visible, avoid indulgence in drug and alcohol. People leave you to make a way for someone new who is going to walk in to your life. Every relationship has an expiry date, many end sooner and few lasts till the last breath.

Universe is making you stronger with emotional tests. Please have a broad mindset and let go your attachment.


Writing*Teaching*Performing*Stay Positive*Business Expansion*Emotional Loss*New Love

Message form the Master: The stars cannot shine without darkness. You may have experienced a low state of being, trauma or depression but this is a new beginning. You are ascending personally and spiritually at this time and Universe is here to support it.


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