Asharira (अशरीर) : disembodied, that which has no physical body and can be translated into a “Spirit”.

Asharira Meta-Guide is a sincere attempt to give best possible guidance to people who are in need for clarity. A combination of numerology, astrology, tarot, angel cards, destiny cards and many other metaphysical energy healing/diagnosis modalities will be used intuitively to provide better clarity so that an individual can concentrate on their strengths and work with full potential towards achieving their desired goal.

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Below are the PAID services


P.S: I do not use any software programs to fetch reports, every prediction is prepared by me. Hence you will not receive any fancy pdf files but hand drafted mail with required information.

meta - question

Opt this service if you have a specific question and expecting brief answer, response will be mailed to you in 2 to 3 days along with the remedies if required.

Fee: 1200 INR

meta - year map

Calendar new year starts from 1st Jan (or whatever calendar you follow) but your personal new year starts from your birthday. Yearly forecast starting from your current birthday to next birthday will be provided. 

Fee: 2400 INR

meta - match

If you have found your ideal partner and in the process of making an important commitment, you can avail this service. An insight into what works and what requires extra effort to make it work will be provided along with the results.

Fee: 3600 INR



Have you ever wondered

  • Why some strategies work with least effort at a certain time but it won't work on other times?

  • Why you failed in a particular business, but excelled in some or still struggling!

  • Why you are looking for a partnership or hesitant to start a business with the partnership?

  • Why everything was running smooth with your partner but too many hurdles in recent times

Most often we choose a business based on the lucrative nature of the business, how everyone else is making money in it or by external influence like friends or relatives. But how many of us choose based on our passion or inner calling?

Meta-Business owner is to provide guidance to smart business owners who do not want to waste time on trial and error, burn the finger and surrender.

Report Consists of

  1. Energetic Theme For This Life Time

  2. Changes Essential for Success

  3. Business Most Beneficial

  4. Solo or Partnership

  5. Single Business or Multiple

  6. Business Wave for Next 3 Years (Do’s & Don’ts)

Fee: 1500 INR

meta - healing

There is a saying "A healer is not someone that you go to for healing. A healer is someone that triggers within you, your own ability to heal yourself". This is basically counselling session where client will share their issues and as a healer I will facilitate them to see bigger picture with the use of Hypnotherapy or Redikall Healing Modalities.

Fee:  email for price

meta - energy space

With the help of Crystals and Plants, cleansing and energizing personal and business space to attract money and positive vibrations.

Fee: email for price

Astrology, Numerology, Tarot etc., should be used as a tool. This alone doesn’t define your success or destiny. This can only assist you to know your innermost strengths and weakness, so that you will waste less time worrying about your weakness and concentrate on your areas of strength.

No one reaches out for help from astro/numero guides when everything is going well. When there is problem/question and you are unable to get solution or unsure of the answer you got, then you will end up reaching out to people who decode stars, planets, numbers to know what’s there in the destiny for you. Hence astrology gives you clarity when you are in the state of chaos or confusion. You are the creator of your destiny, guidance can help you to create it better and more efficient way.  


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